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What are the various types of
sofa bed mattress available?

What are the various types of sofa bed mattress available?

A Sofa Bed consists of three main elements- the Cushion, the Mattress and the Metal frame. The Metal Frame decides the physical strength of the furniture; Cushion decides the comfort; and the Mattress decides the durability as well as the stability. Behind all Sofa Bed Mattress makes the major body of the furniture. They are available in various shapes, size and functions.

Common Sizes of Mattress

Based on the size of the sofa, the mattress size also varies. As there is a standard for the size of the sofa, the size of the mattress also maintains a standard. The various standard dimensions are 52”× 72”, 54”×72”, 58”×72”, and 60”×72”. The average mattress thickness is about 4.5 inch, however in case of Pocket-coil type mattress the thickness can be increased even by double. It is the mattress only that is unfolded to make a bed from sofa and then again folded back.

Fabrication of Mattress

The fabrication of Sofa Bed Mattress is a delicate work as the proper productivity of the furniture depends entirely on it. The mattress makes the body of the sofa. It is the principal element of sofa that decides comfort and balance to the user. These are fabricated through quilting or fastening similar fabrics like cotton, straw, rubber, etc. The main motto is to provide a light weight, long-lasting and customer-oriented mattress.

Framework of Mattress

When the mattress is fabricated it becomes necessary that in filled materials be supported thorough a framework. These frameworks can be of various types. It may be spring, Foam or Pocket-coil based. Among these three types, Pocket-coil based mattress is the redefined version of the spring coil and it is of superior quality providing better comfort and increased life time.

As a whole, while deciding the type of the Sofa Bed Mattress one has to decide its shape, fabrication mechanism and types of framework. Each types of mattress have its own unique function. Though Pocket-coil type mattress is more advanced version but it requires special skills to repair it while other spring type or foam type mattress can be repaired easily.