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What is a Kitchen Trolley?

What is a Kitchen Trolley?

A kitchen trolley is a useful, mobile set of shelves that can be used for anything from fruit to spices. It’s usually on wheels with a wooden or plastic frame, and the shelves can be designed in such a way so as to make maximum use of the small space available.

Why Might You Want a Kitchen Trolley?

Not only is a kitchen trolley extremely useful when it comes to cooking, because you can drag the whole lot out from the corner of the room and station it next to the counter you’re using to prepare your food, but it’s also a good investment when you lack storage space and can’t install a cupboard or cabinet.

As a kitchen trolley is mobile, you can station it anywhere, and don’t have to stay within the boundaries of the kitchen. You might have a free corner in the utility or space in the hall, or maybe you can stow all the fruit in it and take the trolley to the dining room.

What Should You Be Careful Of?

When purchasing a kitchen trolley, you may want to make sure that the frame is sound. If the frame has not been put together properly, or made using materials of inferior quality, you risk damaging everything you store in it.

The wheels of a kitchen trolley may not cope well with carpets, and if this is the case for you then you might want to keep it on hard wooden floors, vinyl or tile.