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What to do with old kitchen cupboards?

What to do with old kitchen cupboards?

When changing our old kitchen cabinets, one of the problems is what to do with them after they have been removed. However, there are several options. If you don’t want to store them, you can sell them to second-hand shops or construction companies. However, experts can use the material in new projects. Would you like to know what to do with old kitchen cabinets? Then read on.

An already made cabinet is perfect for storing all kinds of objects in our house. Being built for the kitchen does not mean that you should only stay in it. Whenever we need furniture to organize objects, we can reuse kitchen cabinets.

Most likely we will need to make some changes to our cabinets so that they can be part of another room in our house. Changing the door trim or even the color of the wood can be all we need to breathe new life into the drawers.

Before you dispose of these shelves as if they were of no value, we recommend that you read the list below to see what awesome things you can do with them.

Shoe cabinets

Shoe rack What to do with old kitchen cupboards?

The first alternative is a nice shelf for our shoes. By placing some shelves at the entrance, we create a place where we can store shoes before entering our house and keep it clean.

Thanks to the height of these cupboards, we can easily adapt them to our cupboard to provide additional storage space.

Use it as a coffee table

Private-Beach-Residence-by-JS-Interiors-LLC What to do with old kitchen cupboards (ideas for converted cupboards)?
Image source: JS Interiors LLC

The tables on the back of a sofa create a more cozy atmosphere in the living space, but their price can be expensive considering that their function is limited. Instead, we can set up a few old kitchen cabinets that we no longer need.

Depending on the size of your sofa, you may need more than two cabinets to cover a significant portion. Preferably, you should connect them with a pair of screws to get a solid structure.

If you want a style similar to a table, you can remove the cabinet doors and leave an empty or showroom.

Build a small table

Navy-Blue-Boy-Bedroom-with-shed-Dormer-von-Bill-Fry-Construction-Wm.-H.-Fry-Const-Co.  What to do with old kitchen cupboards?Image source: Bill Fry Bau – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

We can also use individual parts of the cabinets to build other furniture, such as a small drawing board. To do this, we have to disassemble one of the doors, remove the hinges and handle, and place a lower frame that can hold the board.

Since this is likely to wear out from use, this table is perfect for young children to draw and craft all types of handicrafts without damaging the furniture in your home.

We can also try to build a desk. In this case, we can keep some of the reused cabinets with the original construction to have storage space and connect some additional segments that can serve as a table.

Organize your bathroom with a mudroom bench

Longfellow-kitchen-bathroom-and-dirty-room-by-Emily-Blonigen What to do with old kitchen cabinets (repurposed cabinet ideas)Image source: Emily Blonigen

By putting together several pieces like a puzzle, you can put together a small mudroom bench where you can organize your bathroom accessories.

Wooden cabinets installed in the kitchen are usually covered with an acrylic coating that protects them. However, this does not mean that they are completely waterproof. Therefore, we have to be careful when using it, especially if it shows cracks.

Most likely, you won’t need more than a closet for this project since the bathroom accessories are not that big, but everything depends on your taste.

Set up a craft room

Eastern-Point-Vista-by-SV-Design What to do with old kitchen cabinets?Image source: SV design

There are many old kitchen cabinet ideas that you can use to build a craft room. Due to the number of devices artists need, messy rooms can often occur. However, this can be solved with several drawers on a table.

Since we need space to work on it, we have to leave at least 70 cm free. This means that the table must be approximately 160 cm wide to ensure comfortable installation.

If you are not sure how to place your furniture, do not screw it to the table. While this gives you greater certainty that they are not moving, it also limits their future movement.

A change in the office

Custom-Home-by-Dan-Hahn-Custom-Builders-Inc What to do with old kitchen cabinets?Image source: Dan Hahn Custom Builders, Inc.

Don’t you know what to do with old kitchen cabinets? Try an office renovation and organize all the important documents you need.

Old cabinets can be found in other rooms outside the kitchen, e.g. B. in a private office, can be used again. Stationery, important documents and files that we probably no longer need can be kept in a worn drawer.

Rearrange the bathroom

Bathroom-of-Arizona-Designs-Kitchens-and-baths What to do with old kitchen cabinets (converted cabinet ideas)Image source: Arizona designs kitchens and bathrooms

If the chest of drawers is too small to store any beauty and personal care products you own, you can use a single drawer and install it on the wall as if it were a new drawer. You can also use a full cabinet to create new countertops.

Now you can store towels, soaps and other medication that you need. The only recommended thing is to grind and paint the drawer when it is worn so that it resembles the bathroom decoration.

Prepare the game night

Maple-Lake-Game-Room-von-Plekkenpol-Builders-Inc What to do with old kitchen cabinets (misused cabinets ideas)Image source: Plekkenpol Builders, Inc.

This is a dynamic use of all the leftover material we have from our old kitchen cabinets. A table with two doors and a new color can become a dart board for fun nights with friends.

Get slate paint so you get an ideal finish for arrows.

Homemade toy cabinet

Basement-remodeling-by-chi-renovation-and-design What to do with old kitchen cupboards (repurposed cupboard ideas)Image source: Chi renovation & design

Instead of wondering what to do with old kitchen cabinets, ask yourself how to fix your child’s mess caused by a large number of toys.

The ideas with this function are diverse and allow the creation of antenna shelves that eliminate clutter on the floor, up to large traditional cabinets in which several cabinets are stacked.

Make sure to replace the base hinges in the drawer with hinges that slowly close the doors for security reasons.

An economical kitchen island

Luxury-Blue-Painted-Kitchen-by-Tom-Howley What to do with old kitchen cupboards (converted cupboard ideas)Image source: Tom Howley

If you want to do a remodeling project in your kitchen to create additional work surfaces, you can reuse the cabinets to create an economical kitchen island.

With a couple of cupboards that serve as a support and a new countertop, all you have to do is spread the interior to create new drawers where your utensils can be kept.

Reuse old kitchen cabinets in the garage

Colorados-Garage-Organization-Professionals-after-organization-and-moving What to do with old kitchen cabinets (misused cabinets ideas)Image source: Organization & relocation

Sometimes we are unable to hide the wear and tear on our closets, which makes us wonder if we can use them in another project in our house. However, keep in mind that there are areas that don’t have to be beautiful, such as: B. the garage.

Additional storage space for our tools is never too much, and since the shelves are already worn out, there is no risk of them being damaged by the rough handling.

Another desktop option

Bradley-Place-Office-by-Gathered What to do with old kitchen cabinets?Image source: Gathered

Several stacked small cupboards can form a very original desk that does not fit into the office environment.

Deliver messages in an original way

As with the dart board idea, some doors are used here to create a kind of folding board on which you can leave messages and drawings. If you use slate paint, you can write on it several times. The number of options is only limited by creativity.

An elegant way to store wine

Kitchen-Remodel-Upper-St-Clair-von-Evalia-Design-LLC What to do with old kitchen cabinets (ideas for converted cabinets)Image source: Evalia Design, LLC.

A small chicken wire, a pair of legs and maybe a new wood carving are the necessary ingredients to create an economical wine rack. To safely locate the glasses, you can use recycled hangers at the top.

Serve food in style

Kitchen trolley-with-leaf-and-trash-compartment-through-the-classic-furniture What to do with old kitchen cabinets (converted cabinet ideas)Image source: The classic furniture

If you don’t know what to do with old kitchen cabinets, you can always make a tray to serve snacks from the leftover material. Cover it with a self-adhesive acrylic to hide wear, and add a pair of handles to each side. For added convenience, the structure can include plastic wheels that allow you to move the tray.

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