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Which rooms go best with watercolor

Which rooms go best with watercolor wallpapers?

Think back to the first time a child picked up a paintbrush and created an imaginative art with blobs of paint. They probably used watercolors because they are safe and washable for children.

Fast forward. Watercolors have come of age, big time. This water-based painting style still creates beautiful, unforgettable art with a softness that can bring light and new energy to different areas of the house.

Known for its subtlety, Watercolor graphics emphasizes loose lines, thin washes and transparent colors.

They make great accent walls. Wallpapers that use the watercolor technique with images like animals, flowers, or even oceans can completely transform a room.

For the minimalist …

A simple design or no design at all, watercolors go hand in hand with minimalist decor.

In the bedroom

A dramatic headboard supported by a pop of color can add color to a room without requiring too much effort. Pastels Work well with natural light. Earthy and soft shades of gray complement the watercolor method.

In the bathroom

Watercolors are also perfect for nature pictures. Think of the sky, streams of water, and airy currents. The lightness of the watercolor makes it ideal to capture calming, relaxing moods that are perfect for the bathroom or Guest toilet – A room that most people spend time in more often than they may admit.

In the lobby

Capture Move or silence in nature with a watercolor pattern over a small table near the entrance of a door. This style goes very well with an all-white room or wall and introduces a light color that splatters in the perfect area without doing too much.

Think abstract …

One of the most attractive aspects of watercolor is that lines that are rigid are not allowed. The more abstract, creative and the better the effect.

In the bedroom

Like deep shades Browns and blacks A watercolor design opens up ways to make abstract statements that speak for themselves. They can be combined with dramatic or light furniture. Also, Mix shapes and tones add some spice to the room.

Study room

It’s hard not to get caught in your zone against the backdrop of a fascinating watercolor wall. A dramatic effect takes advantage of the simplicity of just two or three colors. A monochrome gradient Style creates the seemingly perfect environment.

Entrance way

Don’t waste any functional space without diving into color. A wall that leads outside or stairs is a great location for a watercolor design. You can use soft colors that invite and remind you of a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.

Careful selection of the right wallpaper can invite a different angle of lighting into the room. Opt for a bright, deep application of pigments.

Go brave …

A Watercolor wallpaper doesn’t just have to be soft and gentle. It can really spice up the taste with bold colors with ombre effects.

In the bedroom

There are no rules with originality. Trends emerge here. Watercolor presents new statement walls.

Another option is to choose a design that resembles patterns that are already in the room, such as. B. a duvet or a throw. Watercolor designs can get creative with colors and patterns. Suitable or upshifted, it can be a practical addition.

In the entrance area

Another clever choice for a bold wallpaper with watercolor paint is the entrance area. Colors can be lively and invitingto create pleasant energy.

Study room

Turn an ordinary room with watercolor paints into a calming oasis. The light brushstroke technique, which can be easily identified with the help of watercolors, is a great way to transform white or plain walls from ordinary ones breathtaking.

Ombre effect …

The nice thing about watercolor paints on wallpapers is that they can be both male and female. Green and gray are slightly gender-neutral in different shades, but even pink in a watercolor ombre effect says more about chic and style than about girls. Starting with a light gray base that fades to or from a delicate pink is refined and subtle.

Small areas and accent walls

A morning sip of coffee or the room where creativity blooms, simple furniture, supplemented by a light ombre Wall is easy on the eyes and mind.

There is no reason why ombre has to stay simple and undefined. More color increases vibration. Find a palette that speaks to the desired energy of the room. Themes like ocean blues and Sunset shadow Welcome shades of blue, purple, oranges and grays.

Other ideas…

The possibilities are plentiful with watercolor wallpapers – every room in the house, from the dining room and kitchen to bedroom and entrance areas. Watercolor designs can be bold or soft. There is really so much versatility in these wallpaper styles.

With intelligent lighting and a thematic color scheme, watercolor brings an unmistakable texture to a wall that ordinary colors don’t have.