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Wood Bookshelf Ideas For Every Space

Wood Bookshelf Ideas For Every Space

Are you looking for new ways to improve your home and make it more practical and better equipped to meet your needs? How about building a DIY bookcase or two and adding more storage to the rooms that need it?

Bookshelves can take an infinite number of different forms and serve many purposes. They can hold much more than just books and they can be incorporated into units or presented in all sorts of interesting ways.

The whole point of a DIY bookshelf is to make it exactly how you want it. So let’s look at some options that might inspire you.

How to make a bookshelf
First you need to gather some tools and materials for your DIY bookshelf.

wood stain or paint
wood glue
drilling and screwing
Circular or table circular saw
tape measure
Once you’ve gathered all your tools and supplies, you’re ready to start building.

First, measure and cut all of the wood to the appropriate lengths.
Next, apply wood stain or paint all pieces and allow to dry for 8 to 12 hours.
Then assemble the frame of the bookshelf: top, bottom and sides.
Use wood glue to attach the shelves. You can add screws or anchors for more shelf support.
Then add the back panel and any face frames if you like.
The final step is to add your books and decorations to your new DIY bookshelf.

How thick should the wood be for shelves?
How thick the wood should be for your DIY bookshelf depends on the style and design of the shelf. And how much weight the shelf holds.

For a bulkier and thicker look, your shelves should be between 1 ¼ inch and 2 inches thick. These shelves need the right support, but they can also support more weight.

For thinner shelves, they should be less than 1 inch thick. These shelves are best suited for floating shelves and regular to small bookcases.

How to make a DIY bookshelf attractive

Incorporating some decorations and styles into your bookshelf will help make your bookshelf more visually appealing. And there are several DIY bookshelf ideas to decorate your shelf.

Use horizontal and vertical stacking for your books. Alternating the stacking style can look good and even save you some space.
Place a larger decorative piece like a globe next to a horizontal stack of books for an even more dramatic effect.
Add color to your bookshelf by either organizing your books by color, buying colored book covers, or painting the space around your bookshelves.
Use bookends to design your vertically stacked books. You can find bookends in all shapes, sizes and styles to match the theme of the room.