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Wood coffle table designTips & Tricks to Keep Your Wooden Coffee Table Looking Fresh

Wood coffle table designTips & Tricks to Keep Your Wooden Coffee Table Looking Fresh

Wood gives your coffee table a beautiful finish, which is probably why it’s been a living room favorite for eons. But as beautiful as it looks, the natural material also has a downside. Wood is easily damaged by changes in temperature, light and humidity. It is easy to scratch and stain. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful wooden centerpiece in your room. As easily as wood can be damaged, it’s even easier to fix.

Here are some simple wood care tips and tricks to keep your coffee table looking fresh:

Keep your wood finished and dusted
Dust, while tiny, can leave microscopic scratches that can dull the shine of your table over time.

It’s really important to dust regularly – at least weekly – with a lint-free cloth.

wash it off When your coffee table is starting to look a little worn and worn, a simple wash program can have it looking fresh again in no time.

No harsh chemicals required here – just fill a bowl with warm water and ½ or 1 cup of vinegar or some soap.

Mix it up, dampen a soft cloth and wipe down your table. Include tricky areas like edges or intricate designs that might pick up dirt.

Rinse your cloth and wipe the table again with fresh water.

Finally, wipe the table one last time with a dry cloth to remove any residual moisture.

Wax on, wax off
The best thing about wood is its refreshing, natural shine. But over time the finish dulls. The coffee table looks tired.

It is best to polish your coffee table about twice a year.

You could go out and buy a fancy coffee table polish, but there are some simple home remedies that are just as effective — if not more so, since they don’t contain any nasty chemicals that could actually damage your table.

Hard carnauba wax is an easy solution. You simply wipe up the wax with one cloth and buff with the other.

Or you can combine one part lemon juice with three parts olive oil. Dab a little onto a soft, lint-free cloth and rub the mixture into the wood along with the grain.

Go crazy for scuffs and scrapes
Wood is prone to dents and scratches. But that doesn’t mean you have to wrap it in bubble wrap for its own protection.

The solution is simple:

Nuts. The natural oils in fresh walnuts or Brazil nuts help darken the wood.

Simply crack open a nut, rub its flesh over the scratch (with the grain), then buff the area with a clean cloth.

Keep going until the scratch has blended in with the rest of the wood.

Eliminate water rings
The best way to eliminate water rings is to prevent them from forming – make sure there are enough coasters and trays for your guests to balance their mugs and glasses on.

But once you’ve collected a few water rings, don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.

In fact, there are many incredibly easy homemade solutions you can use to get rid of those cursed stains:

Rub mayonnaise over the mark. If the stain is in the wax, mayonnaise will help pull it out.
Dab naphtha on a clean, lint-free cloth and rub across the mark. This removes the finish. Massage in oil soap or petroleum jelly to remove the stain.
This solution is too good to be true, and you don’t need salad dressing or soap!
For a relatively new stain, throw a clean, thick towel over the stain and press a dry, low-to-medium iron over it.

Make sure the iron isn’t touching the wood directly, or you could create a harder-to-fix problem!

The heat warms the finish and releases the watermark’s moisture to the towel.

Remove the iron after a few seconds. Then continue until the stain is gone.

Finally polish it to make it look like new.

Prevention is key
Of course, you only need to remove blemishes if you haven’t done everything in your power to prevent them in the first place.