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Wooden Table Lamps

Wooden Table Lamps

Are you looking for a DIY lighting design idea that will refresh the style and feel of your room? Replacing an old table lamp is a great way to start a gradual room upgrade! Unlike other new fixtures that may require additional wiring and electrical expertise to install, plug-in table lamps are easy to install and can be moved around your home while you plan your perfect look. Table lamps also provide convenient light for everyday task areas, from your study desk to your bedside table. Explore our table lamp guide for advice on finding quality table lamps that fit your daily routine and enhance your room design.

Table lamps are mostly used as workplace lights to illuminate sedentary activities. Therefore, a good rule of thumb for placing table lamps in any room in your home is to think about where your family, friends, and guests will be spending most of their time seated. Here are some areas of the home that we should think about when looking for a new table lamp.

Table lamps add warmth to a living room whether you are relaxing with your family or entertaining guests. Small accent lamps fit into obscure corners of the room, like on bookshelves or decorative trays, and single-color table lamps can add a fun pop of color to sofa end tables.

How many table lamps you need in your living room depends on the other light sources in your room. If table lamps are the only light source in your room, you may need up to five lamps in a standard 12×20 foot living room. If your living room is lit with lights from above with a chandelier, ceiling light, or ceiling fan, you can add two to three lamps to side tables or other accent tables to balance the lighting level.