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Wooden Wall Art Decors

Wooden Wall Art Decors

Wall art is often difficult to make distinctive. Mass-produced unless you’re carrying wads of cash, each house has seen a monochromatic print, printed canvas photography, or a poorly drawn figure. Why not spice up your walls with a different medium? These fifty wooden wall decor finds will add the rustic, not the usual, to your home. They are perfect for bathrooms, children’s bedrooms or even the main living area, adding the unexpected to a space where you could not find the perfect solution. Warmth, nature and a textile that all interiors can relate to are encouraged in wood. Browse our selection of versatile wooden wall art to see what you might find.

If you are passionate about acoustic absorbers, look for wooden murals with as much surface area as possible. If you’re a few years old since your school days, the surface is made up of all the fun nooks and crannies that wood offers. More surface area means more sound is absorbed. More sound absorption means more quiet people in your living space.

Identifying your color palette is the first step to finding the wood artwork that will give your space a unique aura. Does your room have cool or warm colors? While wood is typically associated with warm color palettes, there are stains and lacquer colors that can blend wood with cool color palettes.

As with any aspect of home decor, it’s important to think about the practical as well. If you live in a rental property, an apartment, or a dorm, you may want to choose a wood wall decor that is lightweight and doesn’t require screws to hang. In order to be hung properly, some heavier wooden sculptures may need to find a stud.