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4 fun and clever ways to view family

4 fun and clever ways to view family photos

You have probably saved a few shoeboxes with photos and at least a few hundred photos on your smartphone. If you finally want to share these great snapshots from your smartphone and convert them to printouts and also want to display the photos that you kept in boxes, there are many clever ways to do it.

For example, check out these four design-conscious ideas that let you view family photos in a fun and unique way:

1. Create a photo wall

If you have a blank wall in your house, you can give it a stylish touch by turning it into one Photo wall. First, take a variety of your favorite photos – they should all be the same size – and hang them on the wall in identical frames.

If you want, you can now choose frames that are all the same size but have different colors or finishes. For an additional creative touch, all photos can be black and white or from a subject, e.g. B. from loved family pets or children’s baby photos.

2. Display them on fairy lights

This is not just a great way to display photos. It is also super easy to exchange these photos throughout the year. Buy a few Fairy lights – You can choose from lights that are connected or powered by batteries – and then find a bag with small clothes pegs in a craft store. Attach the fairy lights to a wall and use the clothespins to attach the photos to the bare wire between the small lights.

Since it is so easy to change the photos, this is also a great way to show it beautiful photo cards You get around the holidays. When the Christmas season is over, you can remove the current selection of images from the fairy lights and replace them with the annual photo cards that you receive from friends and family. If you particularly love some of these adorable pictures, definitely leave them open all year round.

3. Display many small images in one large print

If you have dozens of smaller photos that you love but are reluctant to buy many small frames, you can buy a large frame that contains a series of photos that are all the same size. For example, you can order a multiple picture in gallery style made of wood and glass that contains multiple photos.

You can also mix up the display a little to improve the look. For example, you could use most of the rooms for family vacation pictures and then use some of the remaining space for a resized postcard, a small drawing, and / or a handwritten “Summer Vacation 2019” card.

4. Turn a branch into a photo holder

With some twine and a thin branch, you can create a woody way of displaying photos. Attach the branch to the wall – you can either hang it horizontally or mount it at an angle, and then tie a series of string strands off the branch. You can either use duct tape to attach each piece of string to the back of a photo. If you are familiar with this idea, you can use a punch at the top of each picture and tie the cord into each shot.

Photos Give every home a personal and beautiful touch

One of the great things about viewing family photos is that you can work on this project over time. You can start by displaying your newly printed photos on fairy lights and then, if time permits, try some of these other ideas. Before you know it, your valuable photos will be displayed so you can enjoy them every day, not hidden in boxes or on your smartphone.