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8 bedroom trends to watch out for

8 bedroom trends to watch out for

Bedrooms are a special place in the house.

Apart from the fact that we spend most of our time here, most people relax after a long day. It is therefore important that your bedroom is inviting and relaxing.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to turn your bedroom into some sort of haven. Here are some trends to watch out for.

1. Using Elegant Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great bedroom design tool. When used wisely, they are perfect for enhancing the texture of a room and expressing personal style. And they come in different designs, colors, and shades. Whatever look you want, there is a wallpaper design for it.

Background images are usually statements of style. As such, they can be used on accent walls (walls that are designed to attract attention). However, you need to find wallpaper with eye-catching patterns and bold colors to achieve this look.

2. Four-post and four-poster beds

The bed should be the centerpiece of your room. Four post beds are perfect additions for this purpose. They mimic the luxurious surroundings of a resort and give the room an ultra-relaxing look. This makes the room more inviting to sleep.

To give the room a more exotic look, add an elegant, simple and elegant bedside table that complements the four-poster bed.

3. Brighten the room with mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to a bedroom and can be used to create various effects. First, you can place a full-length mirror on the wall to reflect the light from the window. This is an effective way to brighten the room with natural light.

If your room feels crowded, place mirrors on the wall make it look bigger.

4. Use plants to give the room a natural feel

Plants have a natural calming quality that makes them useful as bedroom decorations.

There are several ways to incorporate plants into your design. Usually a flower in a vase or a small potted plant is placed on a desk. However, you can confuse things with hanging plants or even create your plant corner with different types and sizes of plants.

5. Minimalism

Space is a key component of great bedroom design. Make sure that only the essential items are in the room. Remove all clutter and unnecessary furniture. Try increasing your storage space to solve the clutter problem.

Use built-ins (especially around the bed) to create more storage space. A well-designed installation not only creates more storage space, but also makes the room more attractive.

6. Don’t forget the sheets

People almost spend a third of their life in bed. Hence, it would be a huge mistake to ignore your bedding when redesigning your room. Invest in quality sheets and blankets. Make sure that the thickness and texture allow for a warm and smooth reception in bed.

Also choose sets with colors and patterns that match the overall design of the room. This gives your bedroom a more cohesive look.

7. Use art to personalize your space

Art is an effective tool to personalize and revitalize the look of your space. With art, the possibilities are endless. You have a number of options ranging from contemporary artwork to traditional paintings, pencil sketches, and even photographs.

You can also use your favorite family photos to create a gallery wall. A wall of the family photo gallery gives your room a sentimental and artistic aspect.

8. Add lamps

The classic nature of lamps gives rooms an exotic look. Lamps not only make your bedroom more luxurious, they are also a source for illuminating tasks.

Just be creative

There are tons of bedroom designs to borrow from. However, creativity is the most important factor when it comes to turning your bedroom into a retreat.

Move things around and try different colors and patterns to achieve what really suits your personality.