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Importance of vertical gardening

The famous biologist, Charles Darwin, spent decades trying to convince the world that one needs to adapt in order to survive and those that don’t adapt eventually fade away. Mankind today is faced by numerous crises that require us to mend our ways or be the targets of exhaustive and inescapable extinction.vertical gardening  26

While this might sound too apocalyptic in nature, the numerous climate summits conducted across the globe as well as observed scientific data is a testimony to the fact that our planet is slowly dying and our industrial and household practices only expedite this process. So how do we stop the seemingly inevitable end of our life on earth? The answer to this is vertical gardening.vertical gardening  74

As the name suggests, vertical gardening involves growing different herbs, shrubs and other plants along the wall rather than on the ground. The first recognizable benefit of this is conservation of space. The very cities that result in heavy emissions to sustain its urban life are also highly short on space that can be used for green and climate amelioration purposes. It becomes nearly impossible to provide people an incentive to use the precious little space they have to engage in gardening and growing plants when there are other pressing needs to be met. Thus, when you follow gardening on a vertical scale, this problem gets completely resolved.vertical gardening  64

Also, the energy spent on irrigation can completely be eliminated from the equation. Numerous buildings have come up with intelligent solutions to let their water freely fall in trickles down the vertical gardens and thus conserve any energy and manpower they would have had to use in traditional gardening. In this type of cultivation, gravity becomes your gardener! These plants can also be easily monitored for progress and research conducted on them for better yield.