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Cool Teenage Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

If you’re anything like an average parent, it can be difficult to get everything “right” with your teenager. Your suggestions are too uncool, your jeans are too wide (tight? Who knows what’s popular these days…). When it comes to home design, the same push-pull relationship probably applies.

Your teenage son is at the age where he wants to express his personal taste in his bedroom – which is great if it’s inky blue walls and lots of leather, and less great if it’s tattered ribbon. T-shirts hanging from the ceiling. Still, there is a middle ground, and we are here to help you find it. With these teen bedroom design ideas, you can guide your Gen Z teammate toward an age-appropriate—and appropriately stylish—room design that will keep you both happy for years to come.

Teen Bedroom Ideas: From color schemes to cool art ideas, get inspiration to create a modern teen room.

When I was looking for inspiration for updating my son’s bedroom, I realized how hard it was to find inspiration and ideas for a boy’s room that I liked. There are tons of great ideas for bedrooms for teenage girls (so many that I had to write a post about them), but not so many ideas for bedrooms for teenage boys.

So since I was having a hard time finding great inspiration and even fun decor accents for Greyson’s redesigned teen room, I decided to dive deep, find inspiration, and share it!

Teen room ideas can be tricky to decorate. As your child begins to use their room less for play and more for homework and hobbies, it’s inevitable that they’ll want to redecorate the decor. The key is to combine a space for learning and relaxation with a teenager’s pursuit of self-expression. Be prepared for the time in your child’s life when he or she outgrows the nursery decor.