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How to fix a leaky compression valve

Leaky taps are undoubtedly very annoying. It also consistently wastes water. Wasted water is undesirable in all conditions. It is harmful to a sustainable environment and also to your bag. A faucet wears out over time and leaks are common. Fixing a leak is very easy and one of the …

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Modernize your kitchen with connected devices

Beautiful stainless steel appliances were the epitome of a modern kitchen; However, today’s technology is redefining what a modern kitchen looks like. Now that beautiful stainless steel refrigerator can be the focal point of your home, essentially replenishing itself from attached appliances. Forgot to turn off the stove? No problem, …

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How to install Windows Flashing Tape without errors

When people build their homes and isolate their homes from adverse conditions, window openings are one of the most vulnerable to possible leaks. For this reason, it is important to know how to install the window flashing tape to avoid leaks and possible damage. Think of this as a long-term …

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What is Shou Sugi Ban siding

Shou Sugi Ban is an old Japanese wood preservation technique. Also known as yakisugi, it is one way to treat the wood surface with an open flame and make it charred. Shou Sugi Ban has traditionally been done on sugi wood, often referred to as Japanese cedar. The process involves …

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More than shiplap: your guide to modern peasant style

According to the popular broadcaster HGTV, which deals with interior design, there are some three basic principles Everyone should bring the furnishings of their house with them: function, mood and personality. No wonder the country-style interior is so popular! It integrates all three smoothly and stylishly. The classic 20th century …

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