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Innovative and Gorgeous Uses of Brick

There’s no denying that architects love brick. The material is popular not only because of its warmth, but also because of the diverse possibilities of expression that can be achieved through creative use – depending on the arrangement of the individual stones or the combination of connections, an equally original …

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Creative decorating lamp ideas for interior

There are endless ways to light up your home. All of these ideas are just so innovative and unique. Whether it’s lamps, pendant lights, light bulbs, chandeliers or other home furnishings, there are plenty of ideas to suit your needs and preferences. If you are not satisfied with market designs, …

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Creative Backyard And Outdoor Gazebo Ideas

Gazebos are a great and stylish way to add shade, shelter and style to any outdoor space such as pergolas and gazebos. So check out these creative ideas for outdoor backyards and gazebos. They can be used as a focal point in the garden or placed in an inconspicuous corner …

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Astonishing Garden Islands

The green and nature are so relaxing and after a long stay indoors, in front of the TV or computer, we should all sit somewhere in the fresh air, in comfortable silence and take a deep breath and enjoy. Of course it would be nice to have the most perfect …

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Awesome Raised Garden Bed Ideas

There are tons of raised bed garden kits that you can buy and assemble yourself. But many designs can be recreated for less using upcycled or repurposed materials, or even basic lumber from the hardware store. And with a DIY design, you can make it as simple or as complex …

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Awesome Modern Pallet Furniture Ideas For Home Decor

Are you looking for unique and stylish furniture ideas to upgrade your interior design? You’ve come to the right place for modern pallet furniture! From chic coffee tables to comfy outdoor seating, there are countless ways to transform wooden pallets into stunning pieces of furniture. In this article, we have …

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Stylish ideas for hanging plants

Looking for some cool hanging plant ideas that go beyond the simple retro macrame hanger? We’ve combed through some modern design blogs and Instagram feeds to find the best ideas for displaying houseplants in hanging baskets and pots so you can fill your space with lush greenery without taking up …

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Crassula Springtime: Care and Propagation Guide

Crassula Springtime is a small succulent with green leaves that are thick, fleshy and slightly triangular. These leaves tend to grow in small rosettes, with multiple rosettes growing around the stems of the plant. This plant may come from a cross between Crassula rupetris and Crassula perfoliata var. minus. During …

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Lively Eclectic Kitchen Décor Ideas

On to eclecticism! Eclectic style means mixing colors, patterns, styles and eras so effortlessly and organically that it seems as if these elements were made for each other. Today we’ll see how to design eclectic kitchens that work beautifully while perfectly reflecting your taste and personality. Such kitchens underline your …

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Living Room Decor Trends

Living rooms are main rooms in our homes since most of us spend a lot of time there and it is important to make such spaces welcoming, stylish and cozy. If you want to add a bit of edge to your living room design, if you are looking for some …

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