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How to Grow Lilies

Stunning in an arrangement and eye-catching in the garden, lilies are one of the simplest and most versatile flowers available to the gardener. If you plan ahead and use bulbs from different groups in your landscape, you can enjoy color from late spring through the fall months. There are lilies …

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Simple DIY Chandelier Ideas To Craft Your Own

These easy DIY chandelier ideas are just so pretty! When it comes to home decoration, focusing on good lighting is really important. You can literally change the whole atmosphere of the living space just by changing the lighting. Also, what would be a better way to add some good lighting …

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Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas

Add elegant contours to your landscaping with our flagstone and brick garden edging ideas. Create a crisp, clean design in your landscaping by using edging to outline different areas of your yard. Define designated growing areas in your flower beds and vegetable gardens. These inexpensive garden edging ideas add character …

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Blue & White Garden Design Ideas

I love plants with blue flowers and I love to decorate with blue and white. So creating a garden with this color palette seems like a natural next step. That’s why I started looking for the blue and white garden design ideas that I’m sharing today. It’s starting to get …

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Reading Nooks That Inspire Inner Peace

Author Durga Chew-Bose summed up the beauty of a niche in her essay Heart Museum: “What a niche person wants is space, however small, to follow the image that drives them… Niche people find it, when they try to imagine themselves in reality.” -Life situations that you can’t climb into …

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Desert rose: plant care, propagation

Desert rose: origin and properties Adenium is a genus of plants naturally occurring in parts of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It belongs to the dogbane family (Apocynaceae) and, like other members of this group, contains a characteristic milky sap. The desert rose is a succulent that stores water in …

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Creative Lamp Ideas

Lamps are very useful things that we get for our spaces. It emits pleasant light when we need it and can also serve as a decoration. There are many ways you can make your own lamps and add a personal touch to their designs. The key is knowing what you …

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