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Here Are Some Nursery Ideas:

A nursery doesn’t have to be a bog-standard room fitted with a crib, a few shelves, and not much else. You can decorate your nursery to suit your own sense of style, and still keep it fairly neutral if you’re worried about going overboard.

Storage Units

Keeping a child happy and comfortable means buying a lot of clothes and toys, and if these need to go anywhere, it’s in the nursery. You can choose to organise these with shelves or boxes, and then if you’re left with extra space you can use it for more general items.

Shelves are available in many designs to suit your taste, for example an old fashioned oak wood shelving unit might suit a similarly themed room.


Nursery ideas aren’t limited to furniture, you can alter or emphasise the themes in the room with decorations such as flowers in vases, ornaments and pictures. If your nursery is filled with Parisian style furniture, you might want to place an old fashioned lamp on top of a dresser. If you prefer practical décor, then you can buy a mobile to spin over your baby’s crib. Even the smallest change can have a big impact on the presentation of your nursery.

You have to be careful when thinking about nursery ideas because the decisions you make might affect the safety of your child. Purchasing candles might not be a good idea for instance, and fragile or heavy ornaments should be kept away from small children likely to investigate them.