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Amazing Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring landscaping can give you a luxurious and glamorous garden. Spring is classified as one of four temporal seasons on our planet, occurring immediately after winter and just before summer. When most people speak of spring or “spring,” for them it becomes synonymous with ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.

However, due to the cold conditions in winter, it is very likely that most plants, trees and shrubs will suffer significant damage early in the year. If you have a garden in and around your surrounding property, protecting your plants from damage or destruction should always be a primary concern.

Landscaping your property in spring
Since spring is considered a time of rebirth and regrowth, there are some additional tips gardeners can use to ensure their gardens have a safe and nurturing environment.

Due to the harsh cold of winter, debris inevitably accumulates in grass and lawns. Since lawns require no more than ½ inch of building material, gardeners should rake any excess debris from their grass or lawn. This also helps control thatch on the lawn and provides an opportunity to check for matted areas. Raking also gives the lawn air to breathe again.

Over time, lawns can become compacted, especially from high traffic or excess dirt. To prevent this, gardeners are strongly advised to aerate lawns to avoid this. If you are not sure how to aerate your lawn, you can always contact a professional landscaper to help you.

Aside from some lawns having excess dirt, some lawns have lots of patches and bare areas. Overseeding is a method gardeners can use and refers to the application of seeds to fill bare or gapped areas in lawns. Although this alternative is generally recommended for the fall season, it can also be done in the spring if absolutely necessary.

If you have a sprinkler system, spring is the ideal time to inspect it for any damage and make repairs if necessary. However, if everything is fine and no problems are found, this is also the perfect time to reactivate your system.

Spring is also a good time to control weeds before emergence. This is used to control weeds in gardens and also acts as a barrier against future weed seedlings. Gardeners should always remember that this should be done before applying organic fertilizers and that applications should be done continuously throughout the summer and throughout the summer for effective weed control.

Mulching is another effective system that gardeners should adopt in the spring because it offers several benefits to existing or emerging flowers, plants and trees in gardens. Applying mulch in flower beds and around plants and trees helps them retain moisture during the first months of spring. It also helps reduce the temperature of plant roots and insulates them in the event of an unexpected frost in the spring.

It is only natural that all gardeners, landscapers and farmers alike want their gardens or crops to thrive and be protected. By utilizing a network of useful, informative and effective tips available online or by hiring professional services, these goals can ultimately be achieved. Contact us for more information.