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Inflatable Hot Tubs – The Complete Guide

Everyone loves the idea of ​​relaxing in a hot tub either on a lazy weekend or after a long day at work. However, a traditional hot tub requires a lot of space and money to put together. Fortunately, there is an option that is both inexpensive and space efficient – inflatable hot tubs.

Inflatable whirlpools are practical, don’t cost a small fortune, and can be placed almost anywhere as long as you have an electrical outlet. Then when you want your garden back to its original size, you can simply pack it up and put it away for next use.

Retailers have recognized the fact that inflatable hot tubs are growing in popularity and have started to compete with each other to deliver the best products on the market, which gives customers a much more challenging choice to make. This guide will help you make the best choice and Enjoy the full experience of a spa in your own backyard.


Inflatable hot tubs - the complete guide Inflatable hot tubs - the complete guide

Inflatable hot tubs offer almost the same benefits as conventional ones. Different brands offer many different features so that the tub comes as close as possible to an acrylic whirlpool. You can find many inflatable hot tubs reviews Online that tackles the characteristics of each brand. However, they all have some key advantages in common:

  • Perfect for relaxation: An inflatable hot tub is just as relaxing as a solid one. You can sit down, stretch, meditate and relax whenever you want. They all have jets so you can enjoy a good session of hydrotherapy.
  • Inexpensive: Possibly one of the main advantages of an inflatable whirlpool is the fact that they are ten times cheaper than a peeled one. You can find them at $ 150 compared to traditional ones that you can’t find under $ 1,000.
  • Easy to install: Installation couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is lay it on the floor, plug it into an outlet, inflate it, and let it heat up.
  • portable: You can inflate or pack it away whenever you want, move it around the garden if you find a better place, and even use it indoors if you want. Better still, take it with you to the country house for your next vacation.


Inflatable hot tubs have a few drawbacks compared to traditional hot tubs, but not as many as you think, especially given the price. easier installation and maintenance:

  • It can be too small: Inflatable whirlpools do not fit more than 4 people at a time. So if you want to celebrate a big party, you may have to wait in line for the chance to get in.
  • Not so powerful: While they have jets that offer a light hydromassage experience, they’re not as powerful as traditional tubs, but given that they’re much cheaper, it’s a fair trade.
  • Water heats up more slowly: Since they don’t perform as well as a traditional hot tub, it usually takes about 24 hours for the water to reach the desired temperature. So if you are planning a party with the new hot tub, turn it on the day before to make sure the water is hot enough
  • Not so durable: As you can probably imagine, inflatable hot tubs are not as durable as acrylic hot tubs and require you to be more careful with sharp objects around them. Pets can also be an enemy as they can scratch them and cause damage.

Purchase and maintenance instructions

After considering all of the ups and downs of buying an inflatable hot tub, you need to know how to find the best one and wait for it to get the most out of it after you buy it.

  • Consider the space available

While inflatable hot tubs have the advantage of being able to move and set up anywhere, you need to consider how much space you have available before purchasing them. There is no point in buying the largest one that you can find when it runs out all your garden space every time you put it up. Measure the space and buy one that fits best. You will find inflatable whirlpools only 180 cm wide.

Inflatable tubs usually come in three options: for 2 people, 4 people, or 6 people. Take into account the fact that you won’t run out of space if you keep the size. The recommendation is to buy it a size bigger if you want more space to stretch.

  • Heaters are the most important

There is no point in buying a hot tub without it being hot. However, be sure to follow the expert’s recommendations and do not heat it above 40 ° C. However, most people only want to keep it around 30 ° C. Therefore, make sure that the heating is adjustable and can be set to the desired temperature.

The pump is the one that brings all the fun into a hot tub as the water circulates through the jets. Inflatable tubs usually have around 100 to 200 jets, enough for a light massage. The pump is also used to inflate the hot tub. So make sure you have it installed near an outlet. To avoid water damage, the pump and heater are covered with a housing.

Before you set up the tub, you have to Prepare the area. Make sure the room is clear of twigs, stones, or any other item that could damage it. At the same time, you need a shallow area so that the tub is as comfortable as possible and prevents spills or other problems.

When you buy the tub it comes with a protective cover that has many functions. It keeps dirt and other unwanted items out, insulates the tub, and acts as a thermal blanket to keep the water from cooling too quickly. The quality of the cover is extremely important, especially for thermal purposes. But the good news is that if you don’t like the one that came with your tub, you can purchase a separate cover.