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Living Room Decor Trends

Living rooms are main rooms in our homes since most of us spend a lot of time there and it is important to make such spaces welcoming, stylish and cozy. If you want to add a bit of edge to your living room design, if you are looking for some fresh ideas to renovate it, take a look at the hottest decorating trends of 2023 and choose!

Rich, muted tones

2023 is all about rich, vibrant colors in muted tones. Think purple, chocolate brown, dark green, beige, grey, rust and muted reds, yellows and oranges. Such color schemes create a beautiful warm and bright space that welcomes many.

Mediterranean minimalism

The trend is characterized by a preference for light and neutral tones, such as white in different ranges, with warm accents and tones of ochre, gray and lavender. In fact, decoration is almost always superfluous in living rooms in this minimalist Mediterranean style. Beauty is achieved through the sculptural nature of some selected pieces and their own materiality. It follows other trends such as using natural and local materials, often left in their raw state; a friendly and functional minimalism where nothing is superfluous and everything is useful; a soothing environment where light plays an essential role.

Eclectic Maximalism

At the other extreme of design trends, it seems that in 2023, we will also see more maximalist and eclectic interiors, in which the personalities of the residents become the main focus. Vintage maximalism—lots of color, warmth, antiques, and eclectic touches—is about to be huge.

a neutral boho living room with a fireplace, a corner sofa with printed pillows, wood and metal tables and potted greenery