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Creative cottage garden designs

Are you really passionate about plants? Then, all you need is a little time and the result is really worth it, you can create a classic effect by growing your own cottage garden. Informal in design, it’s graceful and one of a kind in making. Though earlier cottage gardens included more herbs and vegetables, today’s modern ones give emphasis to numerous regional variations.cottage garden designs  76

Following tips can create simple cottage garden:

Start with a small space that keeps it small, it’d be difficult for you if you made a gigantic one at first and you can’t feed it regularly. So, always make it simple and humble for the time being till your confidence gets a boost.

  • Plant it at the right place

Plants will only grow if they are positioned at the right place, the ideal condition should be provided to plants, and they should be planted in a way that they can get sufficient sunlight and rain.cottage garden designs  74

  • Mulching plays a great role

Mulching is a covering laid over the soil surface in order to help it retain moisture. It also blocks the weeds from growing, creates a cool atmosphere, and also, makes the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches, as well as synthetic ones are available.

  • Make a pathway running through the garden

Pathways make the garden less crowded and it offers a welcoming effect to the visitors. Being less crowded, it gives a visual pleasure to the visitors.cottage garden designs  45

  • Make use of long lasting plants

Plants like Melampodium stay consistent in the summer without shedding away. Plant it perfectly.

  • Some cottage plants

Grow mock oranges and delphiniums in full sun or partial shade. Delphinium should be taken care of strong winds. Full draining soil and full sun is the perfect condition for lavender and foxglove.