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How to make your own outdoor pillows

It is a common misconception among an alarmingly large number of adults that pillows are merely used while sleeping or to rest one’s back. In fact, there is barely any place a peppy pillow cannot brighten up with its charm and cozy utility. Pillows can be used to stretch out, to place things, to goof around with and to satisfy several other seemingly irrelevant needs. In this piece, we take a look at the ways in which one can make their own outdoor pillows with the use of simple everyday objects that can easily be found in and around your homes.outdoor pillows  23

Let us take a look at the different ways DIY pillows can be made.

Old Clothes: An outdoor pillow can easily be made with the use of old clothes. The best part about this is, there is no specific type of cloth you require to make it. Just collect as many old clothes as you can, be they socks, kerchiefs, pullovers etc.outdoor pillows  48

Once you have these, they have to be checked for hard objects such as buttons and sequins and relieved of the same. Bunch these clothes into one bundle and fill the gaps with cotton. Once this makeshift pillow is ready, you can sew a fancy cover for the pillow if you wish and voila, you have an all-new object of décor!outdoor pillows  09

Plastic Bags: You would be surprised at how comfortable plastic bags can be when molded into the right shape and size. Just scrunch up the plastic bags you have left over from buying groceries and shopping trips. Stuff the bundled plastic balls into a pillow cover. If you don’t want to buy one, you can sew these by yourself. Once this is done, test the pillow for comfort and fill the gaps with more balls. You are now good to go!