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Granite Edge Options: What’s Best For Your Kitchen?

After choosing granite as your countertop material, you probably thought your work was over. However, you still have to choose which edge option fits the granite counter. There are various options available to you, all with their advantages and disadvantages. Granite countertops are known for their beauty and durability. However, durability and even beauty can be affected by the edge you choose. The edge must match the overall design of the kitchen or bathroom. Other considerations include small child safety in the home, efficiency, easy cleaning, and maintenance.

There are some standard edge designs and some premium designs. Granite countertops cut with standard edge options are cheaper than the fancier cuts. We’ll look at the most popular granite edge options.

Straight edge

The straight edge is the most popular granite edge for homeowners. No matter whether you choose a thin or thick granite slab for your worktop, a straight cut edge looks good. With this style, you can focus on highlighting the intricate pattern of granite or any other detail in your kitchen that you want to draw attention to. For example, if you have nice cabinets or a backsplash, a worktop with a straight edge can’t keep up with them. This brings perfect harmony to the kitchen. The same applies to the bathroom. A straight worktop is very effective.

Straight cut granite slabs are rounded at the edges to avoid chipping and to have a very sharp edge that can lead to injuries. The edges can be rounded off according to your wishes.

Square edge

This is another popular edge treatment. Square edges give your kitchen a modern yet simple style. Just like the straight edge, the square edges are slightly rounded at the edges to avoid injuries. Rounding in square edges is subtle enough not to be noticed easily, but serves the purpose. The square is rounded at the top and bottom of the plate and flat in the middle. This style is simple and clean. This is the easiest to clean among all worktop edge designs. There are no leftovers left here at the edges.

Eased Edge

Another of the most popular granite edging for homeowners, not only for the kitchen but also for the bathroom. The granite slab is being softened to avoid sharp edges. This profile is very popular when the granite should look thicker than it is. It goes well with many colors and particularly well with black. Just like the square edge, it is easy to clean and does not leave any residue in the edge, as is the case with some other fancy cuts.

Beveled edge

For designers who want different granite edges with a more refined and contemporary look, the beveled edge offers just that. The beveled cut is a traditional treatment that is still popular in modern kitchens. The edge is cut flat at a 45 degree angle. This edge and the angle are not carved in stone. Click here to find out more about how bevelled edges can be adapted to your specific requirements. It can also be combined with other profiles to create a unique style. The beveled edge ensures a durable worktop and most customizable granite edge types.

Double beveled edge

The edges of the granite worktops with double bevel are more sophisticated. They have additional dimensions, with both the top and bottom edges cut at an angle of normally 45 degrees. The greater the degree of the edge, the more pronounced the edge. This also makes the veining of the granite stone visible, which contributes to its sophistication. Both edges are cut so that they reflect light and make your kitchen or bathroom appear brighter.

Waterfall edge

The waterfall edge is one of the most dramatic and different granite edges. The plate runs from the worktop to the floor. This makes it the focal point of the kitchen. The waterfall edge has no edge like other profiles, hence the name. It just flows from above onto the floor. In addition to the aesthetics, it is safe and easy to care for. This profile works best for an improved kitchen island. The granite slab appears in all its glory. It’s a bold style that pays off well when done properly. It brings life, sophistication and character to the kitchen compared to other granite edge types.

Pencil edge

Also known as a quarter round edge. This is a modern profile where the top edge has a small radius. You can also have a double quarter round where both the top and bottom counter edges have small radii. This profile gives the granite a thin and clean look. If this is the effect you want, the granite slab with a pencil edge is the right choice for you. Rounded worktops appear subtle in contrast to sharper angles that attract more attention.

Half bullnose edge

The half-bulnosis profile is often used by families. It gives the kitchen a soft, warm feeling. If you have small children, the rounded half bullnose is perfect for your kitchen. Half the bullnose brings the granite to life with all its veins and its thickness. The patterns in the granite are reinforced by various granite edges. The only downside is that liquids can quickly drip into the cupboards below because they are rounded at the top and flat at the bottom.

Full bullnose edge

This is a popular granite countertop profile due to its attractiveness. It goes well with most kitchen and bathroom designs. The edges are rounded from top to bottom, which gives a warm, refined feeling. This style appears in traditional kitchens and bathrooms and continues in modern ones. This says something about the timelessness of this design.

These are among the trendy standard options for granite edges. There are many others, including highly customizable ones that fit your design. Before you choose from a variety of granite slab edge types, please consider the maintenance requirements associated with this profile and how it interacts with other details in your kitchen.