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Creative Corners: 4 Uses For The Empty Corners In Your Home

You will love every nook and cranny of your home. Well, you love them until they become places for storage and dusting. You want to make the most of every inch of your house, but what can you do with these empty corners that serve a purpose and still complement the aesthetic element of the room?

You are looking at the unusual dimensions and cannot yet figure it out. If you put a lamp in the corner, which one lights up? If you turn the corner into a storage room, will it not be too visible to guests? Below we’ve listed four ways you can bring every corner of your home to life and make the most of every inch of your home. Each of these amazing ideas creates charm, character, purpose and style.

A cocktail corner

1 creative corners: 4 uses for the empty corners in your home

Grab the leftover bar cart. Pull out this abstract art. Bring yours out silver barware. Stack these quirky beverage napkins and head to the liquor store! You can take a corner in your house and it will become a cocktail corner.

Guests will love the new addition, which is perfect for hosts and entertainers. Accentuate it with a beautiful stainless steel ice bucket, unique glassware and glass decanters to keep your alcohol in.

Make it practical and chic by adding storage for snacks and displaying vintage stemware and a small bouquet of vases.

A green corner

2 creative corners: 4 uses for the empty corners in your home

Take aloe, herbs, a hanging spider plant or a fig tree with violin leaves and bring every corner of the room to life. Corners are perfect for plants, and there are so many advantages to having plants in your home. Boost mood, keep the air clean and free of toxins, and improve productivity – so consider one for your home office!

Grab a tree or a variety of green options to liven up a corner and provide clean air and practical applications. If you feel you don’t have time to care for the green, there are many low-maintenance plants that are attractive, yet easy to maintain. Rubber plants, ZZ plants and snake plants all fall into this category.

Make sure you get plants that thrive in the right light and that you have enough time to take care of your plant (s)!

A comfortable corner

3 creative corners: 4 uses for the empty corners in your home

Just because the dimensions of a corner are inconvenient doesn’t mean that the corner cannot be comfortable. Put a barrel chair in the corner for spacious seating, or a tall, antique armchair that is thrown a nice throw over it.

Bring life to white rooms, or any room that looks very sterile or minimalist, by using a padded bench with storage space underneath that is great for quick tidying up. Corners can indeed offer a unique opportunity to offer relaxation, character and style.

A book corner

4 creative corners: 4 uses for the empty corners in your home

Fix an outdated bookshelf or use an antique school desk to create a corner corner where you can start conversations and promote knowledge. You can make the corner of a room a special place to read and focus on books. You can also add a plant, a vintage globe, and a cool retro magnifying glass.

There are so many advantages to having a book corner in the corner. Not only do they give you the opportunity to present a great collection of books and your interests, but if you have children, you can be encouraged to read more! Who wouldn’t like to see their children read more?

The four ideas above can creatively design any corner of your home. No matter in which room, every corner in your house can be used. Don’t rethink that. What do you want to see in your room that you don’t see yet?

One of these four ideas could finally make your room complete. While there are definitely other ideas for you to try, we know that each of the four suggestions offered above shows practicality, character, and style for any home. So clean up and get creative with your corners.