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Lively Eclectic Kitchen Décor Ideas

On to eclecticism! Eclectic style means mixing colors, patterns, styles and eras so effortlessly and organically that it seems as if these elements were made for each other. Today we’ll see how to design eclectic kitchens that work beautifully while perfectly reflecting your taste and personality. Such kitchens underline your …

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Living Room Decor Trends

Living rooms are main rooms in our homes since most of us spend a lot of time there and it is important to make such spaces welcoming, stylish and cozy. If you want to add a bit of edge to your living room design, if you are looking for some …

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Rustic Easter & Spring Decor Ideas

This spring holiday season, we recommend you go on the wild side and have a more original theme in mind: rustic Easter decorations. You know and love this no-frills trend when it comes to designing your evergreen home. So why not spice up your Easter decorations with these unique, budget-friendly …

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Breakfast Nook Ideas – Kitchen Nook Furniture

How many times have we scrolled through our Pinterest feeds and come across someone lounging in the breakfast nook on a sunny morning, a magazine in hand and steaming coffee on the table? It just awakens these monsters of jealousy in us. Believe it or not, breakfast nooks aren’t just …

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Seductive Curved Sofas For A Modern Living Room Design

Curved sofas for a modern living room are one of the main trends in the world of interior design this year. This particular model stands out without a doubt. We have selected the most beautiful variants of this modern furniture design.Large or small, sober or bright colors, the retro model …

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The rise of ‘dopamine décor’ – an interior trend

Imagine your childhood bedroom: It might have consisted of colorful walls, an obnoxious patterned bedspread (neon pink zebra, anyone?), an unnecessarily lavish stuffed animal collection, and posters of your favorite teenage crush. Before you thought about aesthetics or figured out your sense of style, you probably only decorated with pieces …

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Elegant painted ceiling ideas that make a bold impact

Here’s a design rule we follow: Don’t forget the ceiling! Your walls get so much love—from hanging art to installing decorative murals and wallpaper—and we think that lonely fifth wall deserves just as much attention. Sure, you might look up when you turn on your ceiling fan or try to …

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Lovely Millennial Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you a Millennial redesigning your home? Are you selling your home to Millennials? Then this roundup is for you – we’ve put together some tips and ideas that every millennial will love, and we’re talking about living rooms. styles The most popular styles among Millennials are Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, …

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Neutral Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

Neutral colors never go out of style, they suit every room and theme, they visually expand the rooms and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Neutral tones are very compatible and go well with many other colors if you want to add some brighter accents to the room. Considering everything …

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