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Improving the Heart of the House: The Best Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Americans spend Over 200 hours a year in your kitchen preparing and cleaning food. But the kitchen is often the heart of the house, which means you want to create a space that looks and feels good.

Are you looking for easy ways to upgrade your kitchen? You don’t have to spend all your money on difficult DIY renovations. Instead, there are simple exchange options to make your kitchen feel like new. You can try any of these kitchen decorating ideas this weekend!

2019 top kitchen decorating ideas

No matter how big your home is, the kitchen is one of the rooms where you and your family spend most of your time. It’s a great space to invest in the remodel as it sets the tone for your entire home.

If you’re tired of your outdated kitchen style, here are some simple renovation ideas that will change the room. With these simple adjustments, your kitchen will feel refreshed and new.

  1. Go white

White interiors have taken the design world by storm. Here’s why: white walls open up the room, reflecting light to make it brighter, and adding a simple feel to a busy space. If your walls are dated, go for an eggshell white to simplify your space.

A white kitchen also offers you more design options. You can add pops of color with brightly colored bar stools or even go crazy with unique flooring.

  1. Make good use of space

If you’re working with a tiny kitchen, there are easy ways to minimize appliances and get the most out of wall space. When it comes to improving a small kitchen, “less is more” is a good rule.

Try to lengthen your cabinets by building them higher. This will reduce the clutter on the countertops and make the space feel more open.

You can also try converting your pendant lights to recessed lighting and sorting out multi-purpose devices due to lack of space. Check out minimalist style ideas for inspiration for a simple decor that adds beauty without taking up space. You may think a tiny kitchen offers fewer opportunities to work, but it really does offer more opportunities to get creative and add character.

  1. Add more green

An eco-friendly way to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen is to add more potted plants and lots of greenery. With these fresh green leaves and colorful flowers, your kitchen will instantly feel relaxed.

This is a simple decoration trick that works well for both large and small kitchens. If you want to maximize the use of small spaces, just buy potted cacti or succulents.

New plants not only refresh your space, they also offer health benefits. Plants give you healthier indoor air by removing carbon dioxide and other toxins. This kitchen upgrade not only looks great, it also makes you feel better.

  1. Blackboard paint

If you want to beautify your kitchen cheaply and easily, paint a wall with blackboard paint. With blackboard paint you can furnish your kitchen with unique chalk art.

If you don’t want to paint an entire wall, paint the end of a closet and use it to write cute quotes or shopping lists. Since the chalk wipes off, you can always edit your decor.

  1. Splash of color

Think about your color palette before buying a bucket of paint. Any designer will tell you that the secret to a beautiful kitchen is to stick to a three-tone palette.

The first color cannot change like your countertops. The second color should be a neutral tone that compliments color 1. Your third color will be something that will brighten and brighten the room.

The easiest way to find the perfect tri-color palette is to grab swatches and put them together in different combinations. Once you’ve found the perfect trio, keep it in your handbag while you buy kitchen accessories.

  1. Choose a focus

Introduce yourself as a visitor and take a look around your kitchen. What do you notice first? Is it something attractive or is it that mess on the dining table?

Setting up a focal point is an easy hack for small kitchen design as it instantly draws attention to something beautiful. You can choose a favorite piece of art or make your wine cabinet a unique focal point.

  1. Open shelving: the latest trend

If you want to upgrade your cabinets but don’t love any of today’s styles, you can try opening open shelves for your kitchen accessories. It’s the latest trend for small kitchen remodeling as it visually opens up the space.

With open shelves you can display your favorite ceramics or your grandmother’s valued cookbook. Try installing floating shelves and placing LED lights underneath to brighten the space.

  1. Update your backsplash

Installing new tile may be a little more labor intensive than other home renovation ideas, but it makes such a big difference that you’ll be glad you did. Tiles not only make your kitchen look high-quality, they are also easier to clean.

Find one Remodeling the kitchen This can help you achieve the design you want. There are no limits to the tile design. So take the opportunity to get creative.

You can add texture with horizontal subway tiles or add character with unique terracotta tiles. A bonus for new tile is that it will redesign your kitchen without taking up any extra space.

Transform the heart of your home

By improving the design of your kitchen, your home can immediately feel refreshed. Kitchen decorating ideas like painting, open shelving, or installing art can transform your space without breaking the bank.

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