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Check out Atlanta Checklist – Guide

So you’ve decided to move out Atlanta, the city in a forest? Saying goodbye to all of your favorite spots like Little Five Points and Centennial Olympic Park can be tough enough as the added stress of moving piles increases. But don’t worry, we have you covered!

Whether you’re moving out for college, a job, or a lifestyle change, the best place to start is by creating a checklist. You can do it in your planner, your phone, or better yet, you can automate the whole process by using an online planner or Excel to create a digitized record of your tasks and schedule. This ensures that you are organized and up to date on everything you need to do before you leave.

We recommend that you start your preparations at least two to three months before the day of your move. This way you have enough time to do all the tasks on your checklist in time and to avoid panicking in the past few hours.

Here is the ultimate checklist for anyone moving out of Atlanta!

  1. Hire a professional moving company

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Take our advice and hire a professional Atlanta movers to make your life easier You’ll be so busy the past few days that the added pressure to move coupled with the emotional toll of leaving the Mediterranean charm behind will likely wear you out.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional moving companies is actually inexpensive. This is because you don’t need bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape, and anything to wrap your things up. As a professional service, they will also be efficient and save you a lot of valuable time!

So be sure to reach out to professional moving companies, compare different price packages and get the best option available for a stress-free move out experience.

  1. Sort everything out before you move

Depending on your current situation and your reasons for moving out, there are certain things you have to attend to while you are at home in Atlanta.

Put your house on the market

If you own a house or apartment and have decided that you would rather sell it, contact a real estate agent and bring your property to the market.

Make sure you list your home at least 3 months before you move, set a price, be prepared for the costs involved in the sale such as commission, repairs and maintenance, and contract fee, and stage your home to get the best price!

Your car

If you are not a student living with your parents, you probably own your own car in Atlanta. If you are moving to another state, it is advisable to keep your car. You can always gauge whether it will be cheaper to sell or bring with you.

The packaging process

When you start packing, don’t just put everything in a box and label it so it can be delivered to your home. Instead, you should first categorize the things you need based on the things you rarely use.

Remember to pack the essentials first and postpone packing your everyday items until the last few days. Also, donate the things you don’t need to local Atlanta charities or sell them on eBay or Craigslist. A little more money will only help you move!

Sort your finances

Solve all financial problems such as debts, loans, taxes, insurance, medical bills and other finance related tasks. Visit your bank and see if you can use their services wherever you want to move. Otherwise, make sure to close your account.

Update your address and contact information

Remember to update your postal and billing address when you move out. If you can use the same utility, Internet service provider, telephone company, bank, and other services, update your address and contact details; otherwise, cancel those subscriptions.

Research about your new home

It is very important that you do your research on your new hometown so that you know what to expect. As you prepare to say goodbye to all things in Atlanta, it is necessary that you be mentally prepared to face all sorts of changes as you move out.

Find a place to live

Explore different parts of the city while looking for or looking for accommodation online. If it can be done, you can even visit the city to check out the different options in person.

Ideally, it is better to rent before buying. And if you’re thinking of cutting costs, find a roommate.

Find out your transport

If you plan to bring your car or buy a new one, be sure to check if you need to update your driver’s license or if you need to take the test again.

If you decide against a car, browse different options like public transportation, biking, hiking, rental cars, carpooling, etc. depending on what works best for you.

When you move with the family

If you have kids, do some research on the best schools, parks, and other activities in your new town. You need to make sure that you choose an apartment or house that is not too far from school or work.

Food options

Granted, you won’t have the world’s largest drive-through restaurant in your new home, but you will definitely have some amazing local places worth loving your attention. So do some research on the food options like cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets near your home and work place so that you don’t get completely lost on the first night you move in.

Social activities and excursions

Just like the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and the World of Coca Cola, your new home will have some attractions of its own. So doing a quick online search is helpful in familiarizing yourself with some nice places and bars to hang out and meet people.

Wardrobe and weather

If you live in Atlanta you probably have a closet with a good mix for hot summers and cold winters. Remember to check the weather before moving so that you are properly packaged. If you move to a very cold place, invest in some winter clothing. If it is a very hot city, consider buying air conditioning or a fan.

Basics You Should Find Out

You should find out and install your utilities, telephone and internet service providers when you move. Open a bank account and set up your taxes, insurance, healthcare and dentistry so that you have everything covered.

  1. Budget, budget and budget!

When you move to a new place, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and therefore to spend too much. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you a budget Before you move, to keep track of your moving costs and living expenses in your new home for at least the first three months.

Plan how much you want to spend on rent, food, and transportation. Take into account important things like utilities, internet, phone, deposits, insurance, and various other amounts. And always save something for a rainy day!