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How to maximize the natural light in your home all winter long

There is a severe lack of natural light in the winter months. Only a few hours of sunlight come into our houses every day. This can be a cloudy season. Until the days get longer and the sun comes out, the following interior tips will help you maximize the natural light in your house all day long.

Choose white

White not only makes rooms appear larger and more open, but can also brighten a room without natural light and improve the small natural light that falls through the windows during the day. White walls with accents of other light colors such as pastel colors and light gray flooring or accessories can easily enliven a white room if it looks too strong or needs additional character.

Reflect with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and reflect it through space. This immediately opens the room and at the same time brightens it up. Invest in statement mirrors or smaller decorative mirrors in each room to ensure that the room is as bright as possible. A good tip for immediate hallway lighting is to stand in front of a large mirror opposite a main door or window so that sunlight falls directly from the mirror into your hallway.

Invest in glass doors

Glass doors are an excellent way to keep the sunlight inside longer and seamlessly integrate the outside area into your home. Glass doors like Sliding patio doors from Quickslide creates a great social space for entertainment by having your interior flow into your garden area. This large open panel is guaranteed to be the most effective way to keep your home brighter for longer.

Choose the right floor

Flooring can instantly make a room brighter if the right material and finish is chosen. Use the natural light for darker rooms by choosing a high-gloss floor made of stone, ceramic or even marble. If you choose a glossy floor, it acts as a large reflective surface so that the light can be reflected throughout the room, especially if lighter colors such as white, cream or neutral brown are used throughout your home.

Add some metallics and chrome

Metal materials such as mirrors reflect and reflect sunlight in a room. So why not try to mix metals into your decor? A series of glossy surfaces gives your home stylish accents and complements softer materials such as cotton and velvet in accessories.

Be green

Gardening not only promotes mood and mobility, but also has a direct impact on how much sunlight can get into your home. If you have plants and trees that restrict the light through your windows, make sure to shorten them to make the most of the few hours of light in winter.