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Top Secrets of French Country Furniture

All adventurous tourists that have visited the valleys of rural France remember its special atmosphere, taste, and refinement. The charm and elegance of local traditions make us want to live in those houses full of coziness, comfort, and the atmosphere of a perfect home. This article will help you discover the secrets of French country style.


French country furniture is simple, elegant, and functional at the same time. Furniture sets don’t bring any balance to this style. The best option is to mix different pieces of furniture. They will create a harmony of styles and designs. Don’t hesitate to use different colors. Gentle whites and dove gray will create a perfect combination. All the furniture should be of a good quality. Natural wood is preferable.


French country furniture will have a complete look together with flowers, simple fabrics, and pottery. There is no need to buy expensive flowers and plants. Simple flowers that have just been brought from the garden will be the best option. Complete them with a bowl of fruit. Now you have the perfect impression of country living.


You’ve already heard about the mix of pale colors.  However, French country furniture will look nice in bright, deep, and pastel colors that bring the atmosphere of warmth. If you’re not sure what color to choose, look at the landscape. The colors of such natural wonders as the lavender, sun, and sky will look awesome in your interior.