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The new top trends in the apartment roof

Obviously, in any type of construction, including housing, the most important part is the roof, which must be built very technically according to the prescribed rules so that it is 100% safe and durable for the residents.

In order to achieve this, new and more durable roof products are introduced on the hardware store from time to time. These roofing products or materials are typically designed for applications with steep slopes. These roofing products are very important to provide high quality roofs for an office, home or any other application where roofing is required.

Slate roof

The most expensive but most common is the slate roof. It is very durable, waterproof and fireproof. The slate roof is the oldest and most historic roof construction process from the 12th century. Since the slate roof tiles are natural, they are not the same. These tiles are the product of sedimentary rock made of clay and ash that burned out after volcanic eruptions.

These tiles consist of metamorphic rocks. Since the sedimentary rock contains various chemicals such as carbon, hematite, and chlorite, it is available in different colors such as black, gray, green, and purple. Many homeowners tend to install slate tile roofs because of their unique texture and beauty. Incredibly, the lifespan of slate tile roofs is 75 years, which can be up to 150 years. It is a great advantage when compared to asphalt roofs.

Composite slate roof

A very good option and alternative to the most expensive slate roof is “Composite Slate Roofing”. This alternative roof system is also known as a “technical roof” or “synthetic roof”. It looks exactly like slate roofs, without the disadvantages of slate roofs. These synthetic tiles are incredibly durable and come with a 50-year limited warranty.

Asphalt shingles roof

Asphalt shingles are very economical and easy to install. They are also new popular roofing materials used in the roofing process worldwide, including the United States. The basic materials for organic shingles are cellulose, waste paper, wood fibers and other materials. Asphalt is reinforced to make these organic materials waterproof. The average lifespan of the asphalt shingle roof is 20 years, as the experts in this area explain.

Metal roof

Metal roofs are another roofing process that uses galvanized steel (a combination of aluminum and zinc), also known as “galvalume”, which is characterized by high durability, durability and absorption quality.

Another option is copper roofs, which are 100% recyclable. However, since these roofs are expensive and have some negative results, they are installed only when needed. Although these roofs have the option of a beautiful green roof, they are not recommended for regions with hailstones.

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