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Things to consider when buying patio umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are useful in providing shade to your furniture. They help in protecting your furniture from being exposed to direct sunlight, snow or rain. The patio umbrella is a larger version of the umbrella in appearance and hence can provide shade to more than one person. The patio umbrellas are mostly used along the beach sides and pools.

There are different varieties of patio umbrellas available that you can choose from based on your needs. These patio umbrellas often fall under the four main categories like regular patio umbrellas, cantilever, skyline and thatched patio umbrellas based on the structure.

Regular Umbrellas

These are oval or circular shaped simple patio umbrellas that often come with or without retractable roof. They are often placed at the center f the patio tables through a hole. Other shapes like squares also can be found.

Thatched Umbrellas

These types of patio umbrellas are rooted permanently to the ground and cannot be moved once installed among the patio tables. Hence you must choose the design carefully before buying thatched patio umbrellas as they cannot be removed. The atmosphere of Hawaii can be brought by installing these types of thatched umbrellas.

Cantilever Umbrellas

This type of patio umbrellas is best suited for tables without the support beam. Hence you can easily change the umbrella without having to remove the cantilever system.

Skyline Umbrellas

This type of umbrellas is perfect for the furniture that is placed in the corner. These are useful in saving space as they don’t include supporting structure. They are useful to provide shade in a compact area.