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Living Room Curtain Ideas That Instantly Transform Your Space

There are a lot of living room curtain ideas out there, and they don’t necessarily have to include the traditional styles you may have seen as a child. If you are a traditionalist, we will discuss the options for you, but also explore modern techniques for installing window treatments in your living room.

When choosing a living room curtain design, consider what statement you want your living room to make. Do you entertain a lot? Do you like coming home, being alone and relaxing? These are important things to consider when choosing the color scheme and texture of your curtains. You want your cozy living room curtains to reflect the energy you want to experience.

There are different ways to control the lighting in your living room. Some ideas include Roman blinds, valances and blackout curtains. Do you want bold and bright colors? Do you need prints or samples? Think carefully when deciding which window treatments best suit your needs. Take a look at our various options for sprucing up your living room window.

1. Living room curtain ideas for tall windows

When looking for tall living room curtain ideas, it’s important to measure the height of your windows beforehand. You should measure from the top where the valance would be to the bottom of the window frame. This is important so that you can fully capture the dramatic look that your curtains give the living room.

Another reason why your curtains need to match the dimensions of your window is that they will attract your guests’ attention since there will be nowhere for them to hide.

Tall window curtains are perfect for high living room ceilings. To ensure a level of privacy, curtains may be required. If the ceiling is two stories or higher, it may be too high for you to install the curtains in the living room yourself. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a professional installer. It is important to be confident when doing a DIY project.

Your tall window curtains will be a talking point as they are highly visible. Therefore, measure your living room window carefully. Be sure to plan for valance so you can purchase an additional curtain rod if needed. A valance can add depth and texture to your living room curtain ideas.

Ideas for curtains for high windows in the living room
Tall striped living room curtains
High ceiling living room curtains
high, elegant living room curtains
Living room curtains for high windows
Apartment living room with orange accent wall
Guest room with white cupboards and telescope
Gray corner sofa in the living room of the apartment

2. Creative solutions for bay windows

If you have a corner of your living room with bay windows, it’s a chance to spruce up a potentially forgotten part of your living room. Take advantage of the natural light that shines through your bay window by installing a tall curtain that matches the color scheme of your living room decor. If you decide to use a blackout curtain, make sure you find insulated curtains so that you can control the hot or cold weather that may enter through the window and window pane.

The curtain you choose for your bay window can add the personality to your corner that your living room may be missing. Make sure the curtain design harmonizes with the rest of your living room decor so that it doesn’t appear distracting. Continuity is essential to make your corner a special part of your living room.

If you need a practical corner or need an area to get work done, placing a mini desk can turn your corner into a productive space. For those looking for a quiet reading nook or a place to relax and play on your iPad, add an armchair along with a throw pillow and blanket to make your busy nook your new sanctuary.

modern living room with glass table and gray sofa
Bay window living room curtains
Living room with bay windows
elegant living room with gray curtains
Cream colored curtains for the bay window in the living room
White curtains in the bay window of the living room

3. Add style with prints and patterns

Patterned curtains can add a special touch to your living room. If you have an affinity for retro living room design, try checkered or striped curtains to make your living room decor a reflection of your vintage style. Striped curtains can further increase the space at your living room window.

Adding prints to your curtain ideas can add even more texture to your living room decor and showcase your hobbies and interests. When hanging curtains in your child’s room, you might opt ​​for prints with butterflies or fire engines. However, if you want to have prints in your living room, you should choose stylish prints that contrast with the rest of your living room design.

Subtle floral prints or bold boho prints can add the texture you need to add a special touch to your living room. You can highlight these prints with throw pillows or rugs with the same print.

If you prefer more custom-made window treatments, look for stores that make custom-made curtains to suit both your style and the dimensions of the living room windows. There are textile retailers who can create a personalized print or pattern to suit your needs.

Sample curtains living room
Floral print curtains
Living room curtains with green pattern
Curtains with a check pattern for the living room of the apartment
Living room curtains with yellow floral print
Living room curtains with a colorful pattern
purple curtains
Blue printed floral curtains for bay windows
Tall orange accent chair with pastel curtains
Floral print living room curtains
Curtains in the living room with a pastel pattern
Living room curtains with pattern
Floral print curtains, blue sofa, living room
Yellow floral living room curtains with accent chair
Sofa in the living room in neutral colors
Floral Print Curtains for Living Room Gray Ottoman
Colorful sofas living room glass coffee table

4. Subtle sophistication

A neutral color scheme in your living room doesn’t have to be boring. Your guests will appreciate your simple and stylish room decoration if you use neutral curtains in taupe, caramel or rose tones.

To add dimension to your living room window, you can purchase a Roman blind from a shade store. If you have beige walls, you can use a similar shade of beige for the Roman blind to highlight your living room curtains.

If you have gray walls throughout your living room, using a cream curtain with a muted color scheme for the Roman blind is a great way to incorporate a simple design element.

Take advantage of the muted color scheme of your living room curtain idea and use it as inspiration for decorating your living room. Make your couch and armchair the same color to transform your space into the elegant living room you’ve been wanting.

Curtains can make a statement, but so can blinds and shades. If you prefer a more minimalist style, try using an accordion blind or Roman blind to diffuse the light coming through your living room window.

neutral green curtains, gray sofa in the living room
Soft green curtains, yellow sofa in the living room
Pink curtains in modern living room with gray sofa and lamp
neutral curtains in muted colors with sofa and accent chair
Purple curtains, blue accent chair with patterned rug
Living room curtains with green pattern
Living room curtains in neutral, muted colors
Neutral muted living room curtain with a view
Neutral muted color curtains, living room, gray sofa
neutral living room fireplace and sofa
neutral, muted curtains
Neutral white living room curtains in a muted color
Boho living room with gray sofa and plants
Exposed brick wall, navy blue curtains in living room

5. Incorporation of bold colors

Bold colors are an effective way to brighten up any living room decor. The bold type of designer may be looking for living room curtain ideas that involve the use of electric blue, fuchsia, or lime green. Curtain fabrics can also be eye-catching. Choose curtain fabrics made from silk, linen or even velvet to make your living room look like something out of a movie.

Living room curtains don’t necessarily have to be bright colors to be eye-catching. A rich color like red and an unconventional fabric like velvet can make your living room curtains special. If you like bold designs, think outside the box and consider what types of textured fabrics will make a difference and enhance your living room design.

A bold color like royal purple can be used to accent your living room window and provide inspiration for an unconventional living room design. Some people thrive in environments with bright colors and designs. Your living room should reflect your personality, but also feel inviting to the guests you enjoy entertaining.

The bold color scheme you choose will create a fun atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends to come together. A wide range of living room curtain ideas are available to the most daring designers.

yellow curtains in the living room
Green curtains and sofa modern living room
Orange curtains and beige sofa in the living room
Blue curtains and sofa modern living room
Yellow curtains and blue sofa in the living room
Living room with purple curtains, white sofa and black dining table
red velvet curtains and accent chair
Bold yellow curtains in the living room
Curtains in earthy colors for a modern living room
subtle curtains for the living room
Green curtains in the living room
blue curtains and gray sofa in the living room
yellow curtains, white sofa, modern living room
Gray curtains in elegant living room
yellow living room curtains
Yellow living room curtains with glass coffee table and red accent chair

6. Embrace elegance

For day sleepers, curtains in dark colors are probably the preferred type of living room curtains. You can use a dark curtain as a blackout curtain to completely block out sunlight in a living room.

Be sure to choose curtains that can easily be transformed into an accessory for your living space, as you will most likely need to open your curtains and enjoy the view from your window.

Possible design tips for the fabric of your dark curtains can be wool, suede or linen. These options can add texture and contrast to your living room design. A great way to incorporate these textures into the rest of your living room is to add a throw pillow or two to your couch, purchase a couch with the same fabric and color, or add a blanket to your couch.

If you want more balance in your lighting options, use a window treatment that allows the light to shine through your window while also diffusing the brightness of the sunlight. You can use a Roman blind or traditional blinds. Another option can be a sheer curtain that will increase the contrast of your living room curtain design.

Elegant dark gray curtains in the living room
Dark gray curtains in the living room
Living room with gray curtains
Dark curtains in modern living room
dark gray curtains in the living room
Dark gray curtains in living room with yellow accent chair
large luxury living room with pink and gray sofas
Navy blue curtains in the living room

7. Airy appeal

As mentioned earlier, using a contrasting window treatment can do wonders for your living room. Hanging curtains in a combination of sheer curtains and curtains can add a patterned design to your living room. Try hanging curtains with the sheer fabric in the middle of your curtain rod, then use a bolder or darker curtain to complete the look.

Let this combination inspire you to use the two different textures and colors in your living room. An acrylic coffee table or a white rug can complement the sheer curtains. By choosing cushions and sofas in the same color as the rich or dark curtains, you can transform this room into an elegant living room full of different textures and perfectly coordinated details.

The combination of a transparent curtain and curtains can also be arranged in other ways. With two curtain rods you can layer your curtains on top of each other and place them behind your curtains. This gives you styling options so you can leave the sheer curtains closed while keeping the curtains pulled back.

large modern living room with sofas and hanging ceiling lights
cozy living room with gray sofa
Living room in neutral colors
large spacious white room with chandelier
modern living room with dining table and sofa

8. Improve aesthetics

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a valance or a pelmet to create different looks. When you think about that extra layer on your living room curtain, the image of your grandmother’s valance may come to mind. Although some still like to use long, sloping valances, you can still maintain a modern aesthetic design.

Try adding an elegant valance to cover the top of your curtains. This will completely conceal the pole while insulating your space. The valance helps to hide the draft from outside. This is a great statement if you choose a monochrome living room design. Make sure the valance is the same color as the curtains. For contrast, you can place sheer curtains in the middle.

If you want to highlight the cornice, be sure to place the valance directly below the cornice lines. Leaving as little space as possible ensures smooth and continuous lines along the seams of the valance. At this time, no light should penetrate from the window. If you follow these tips, your living room curtain design will be the most sophisticated of all.

Valance Pelmet Cornice Living Room Curtains
elegant living room curtains
Gray pelmet curtains
modern living room with sofa and glass dining table
Valance curtains with floral arrangement in the middle
Living room curtains with valance