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Covered Decks Ideas You Should Try For Your Home

You can never run out of ideas for covered decks, can you? If you can actually go out, we have a selection of great ones in this article.

Covered decks are the perfect solution if we are looking for an outdoor outlet while protecting ourselves from the elements. When we have an outside area that we want to use all the time, e.g. B. a terrace, we can sometimes limit ourselves to using it because the sun is very strong or because the rain does not leave us alone.

Although it is true that if you go into this type of area because you want to be in contact with nature, we can create areas where nature does not bother us directly so that we can easily use this space.

If we have a terrace, a covered terrace is very useful (although it can also be used in gardens). In addition, the best thing about these constructive aggregates is that they have a very strong point in the decoration. In this way we can create a frame that does not bother the sun but lets the rain in a little. Otherwise, we can opt for full coverage.

Join in and check out these covered deck ideas that you can easily apply in your home to prepare for the hot summer days or winter storms.

Different styles to choose from

Portfolio-by-Affordable-Views-By-RJB-Construction-INC Ideas for covered decks that you should try out for your home
Image source: Affordable Views from RJB Construction INC

It is rare for us to see blankets in a garden or on a terrace. In the eyes of many people, a roof over a deck can lead to unnecessary costs. However, it is more useful than it seems. Indeed, building a roof over a deck is an ingenious way to reevaluate your home. When you’re ready to invest in them, we recommend you see these designs.

Covered Deck Ideas

A design based on pergolas

Tosa-Deck-and-Pergola-by-LaBonte-Construction Ideas for covered decks that you should try out for your homeImage source: LaBonte construction

This is a basic design that we can see in most deck roofs. When we speak of design with pergolas, it is nothing more than a series of beams placed vertically on another beam, with this entire scaffold supported by a few poles. Basically it looks like a cage.

This design does not protect us from rain, but it creates a lot of shade and allows us to decorate it with some plants like vines.

Another advantage of the pergolas is that the material used to make this frame is generally the same as that of the rails on our terrace, so there is no conflict with our decoration.

A retractable awning for every situation

Upper-Deck-Retractable-Awning-by-Pike-Awning-Company Covered Deck Ideas To Try For Your HomeImage source: Pike awning company

This is a very ingenious solution. With an awning, we can control when we want to use it and when we prefer to have the rays of the sun on us. Basically, some masts are a large canvas. Some options on the market even include motors to retract them automatically.

Regardless of whether it is a manual or an automatic alternative, this alternative has the disadvantage that it is somewhat expensive. So we recommend that you look good before you buy.

A nifty option with a gazebo

Gazebos-by-Hickory-Dickory Decks Ideas for covered decks that you should try out for your homeImage source: Hickory Dickory decks

A pavilion is nothing more than a roof over a series of columns or, technically speaking, a pavilion with a symmetrical floor plan. These are common in squares and parks, but can also be used on patios.

The refined air that the pavilions offer is ideal for small parties or meetings with an outdoor roof. They are very common and can be easily purchased at hardware and garden stores. In addition, there are many models in which the design of the rails differs from the distribution of the columns.

A pergola, but made of wood

South Hill Residence by Greg Robinson Architect Covered Deck Ideas You Should Try Out for Your HomeImage source: Greg Robinson architect

This roofed deck is basically the same as the first alternative we are presenting, but in this case the building material is wood. This does not change the fact that its disadvantage is that it does not protect against rain, but gives it a different air than metal.

Don’t limit yourself to the roof with a screened in deck

Hang-in-the-trees-by-CGS-Design-Build Covered Decks Ideas You Should Try For Your HomeImage source: CG&S design build

If we are aiming for a complete closure, especially because we are facing issues with pests and insects, protection around the perimeter of the deck can be our solution. Sure, it’s a slightly extreme option and more if we need to build the roof beforehand, so we need several plans for covered decks to get the best result.

A traditional alternative with a pavilion

Pavilion-by-Decks-by-Kiefer-LLC ideas for covered decks that you should try out for your homeImage source: Decks from Kiefer LLC

Pavilions are small options when we want to protect certain areas. This is their disadvantage, although it is their advantage, as they do not give us much leeway. Aesthetically, however, they create very pleasant environments by covering only certain areas.

The pavilions are available both permanently and mobile. If we build one, we can of course adapt it to our needs.

The louvred roofs are a technological miracle

Oil-grated-bronze-Equinox-adjustable-slatted-roof terrace-and-patio-by-core-outdoor-living covered decks Ideas you should try for your homeImage source: Core life outdoors

In any case, the pergola-style covered decks are extremely popular. So much so that a very interesting solution was sought to protect us from the rain. A slatted roof is a blind that is placed horizontally on the roof so that we can open and close it as we wish

This structure is very convenient when we want to receive the sun, but we don’t want the rain to be uncomfortable. The only problem is that it will most likely require a full installation where you won’t be able to move the frame later, unlike a gazebo.

Ceiling extensions perfect for every occasion

Naples-Kenny-by-Herscoe-Hajjar-Architects-LLC Ideas for covered decks that you should try out for your homeImage source: Herscoe Hajjar Architects, LLC

On the contrary, if we are not looking for a piece that is foreign to our home, we can always opt for a roof extension. This is a continuation of the top floor slab on which we have our terrace or garden. It’s like building another level for our house, but it will only work as a roof.

This type of project requires a builder, engineer, or architect to work because it is an important change. However, unlike the previous options, we can keep the same line in terms of our home, creating a homogeneous piece.

Flat roof extension

Aspen Creek Residence by Carney Logan Burke Architects Covered Decks Ideas You Should Try for Your HomeImage source: Carney Logan Burke Architects

A flat roof is the easiest project in this category. It is nothing more than lengthening the plate and supporting it on a few columns. The treatment is more basic, but it requires a certain slope and a few drops around the edges to allow the water to flow without ruining the construction.

Although it is the simplest option, it is one of the most elegant for our gardens and verandas, so it is good to take this into account when building.

A classic pitched roof

Canton-GA-Gable-Roof-Porch-and-Deck-from-Peachtree-Decks-and-Porches Covered Decks Ideas You Should Try for Your HomeImage source: Peachtree decks and porches

When we talk about roofs, we can divide them by the number of their slopes. With a gable roof, this has two different inclinations, which are seen from one side as a triangle made of two straight parts.

This type of design requires a bit more budget as you have to do a roof lift, but it has a more contemporary and classic design than a flat roof. We can also combine it with flat sections to create more extravagant figures.

A modern extension with a curved roof

Spring-Dale-Curved-Deck-by-WWG-Design-and-Build Covered Decks Ideas You Should Try For Your HomeImage source: WWG Design & Build

If our home is a modern home, our covered decks should be curved. As if it were the waves of the sea, this roof with curves that rise and fall seems to guide us on our journey.

We won’t have any problems with water stagnation with this type of roof, and young architects are intrigued to work with this modern style.

As with the saddle roof, we can perfectly combine a curved style with something more traditional, so that we have an abstract work that stands out from the view of our visitors.

Translucent ceilings for breathtaking views

More-Patio-Covers-by-Decks-and-Patio-Covers Covered-Decks Ideas You Should Try For Your HomeImage source: Decks & patio covers

While they don’t protect us as well from the sun’s rays (unless we apply the right treatment, such as frosted glass), translucent glass ceilings are a success with property owners.

Although this is an extension of the house, it only works with the structure, making it easier to build than when we need a concrete cast or the installation of wooden panels.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas. The final decision on how to decorate your new roof is yours. However, remember that you should adjust to your budget as much as possible. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are plenty of alternatives that don’t cost that much and are equally creative.

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