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Home Update – Create a sanctuary in your garden

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a back yard, this is your golden opportunity to build your own sanctuary. It is a perfect place to nourish your soul and spirit by being surrounded by nature and peaceful landscape. However, the hardest thing will be to find the right idea that offers you your perfect garden oasis.

If you’re wondering how to transform this outdoor space, here are some ideas that might help.

1. Build a backyard theater

One way to create a place that nourishes your soul and spirit is to do something unconventional. While large TV screens are basically a part of every home, there is still something soothing about classic theater. But since walking into the city can be stressful due to the traffic jam or you’re just too tired to go out then Build your own theater seems to be an ideal solution.

With a white screen and multimedia projector, you can easily create an ideal activity for family and friends. This is your perfect getaway outside of the world to spend time with the people you love, or even enjoy alone with a bag of freshly made popcorn.

2. Grow your colorful garden

Flower-Garden-Colorful-Colorful Home Update - Create a sanctuary in your garden

Gardening is considered to be one of the activities that are beneficial for depression, relieving stress, and clearing your mind. In addition, you can see, smell, and taste the results of your efforts. The very process of growing and carrying plants gives you something to do and take your mind off things.

However, once the flowers bloom, you will experience the bliss of gardening through various scents that last day and night. Being surrounded by colorful sights will fill your soul and spirit with positive thoughts and invigorate you. Nature is an important factor in achieving spiritual peace. By surrounding yourself with that, you create your own sanctuary to recharge.

3. Design a calming seating area

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Following the latest trends is yours Outdoor seating area is the continuation of your living room. And just as it is pleasant in your living area to take a nap in the afternoon, it should also be in your garden. Add a nice fireplace or fire pit to the seating area for the ultimate in coziness so you can enjoy the evenings there when it’s a little chilly.

Use warm light for the area such as floor lamps or small lights hanging from the pergola ceiling. In addition, a few candles on the coffee table give the area a welcoming and intimate feel. When you surround the area with plants, you have a perfect place to escape the summer heat and cool off.

4. Hide from prying eyes

photo-1533627367152-13fb70dd8d80 Home Update - Create a sanctuary in your garden

If you really want to feel yourself in your sanctuary, you need to protect it from your prying eyes. Many paint manufacturers like Pioneer shadow offer simple and affordable solutions such as pergolas. They are ideal for installation in any part of your back yard, e.g. B. in the seating area, in the pool or on the terrace, and also offer plenty of shade from sun and rain.

Additionally, you can plant dwarf trees around the seating area to give it more privacy and create an intimate place to relax. Hanging curtains in well-planned places not only prevents your neighbors from spying on you, but also gives the back yard a bohemian atmosphere. Growing a hedge is a classic and you can turn it into a fence that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Let the water flow

photo-1543402647-5f29fd9be893 Home Update - Create a sanctuary in your garden

Many consider running water to be a calming sound that helps them relax and relieve stress. Japanese zen gardens use water as one of the elements to achieve peaceful harmony and balance. However, if you don’t have space for a pond, you can always install a fountain or a simple waterfall.

Of course, you can get bigger and build a jacuzzi where you can sit back with a glass of wine and watch the stars. Even a swimming pool is not an impossible garden accessory these days. And during the hot summer days, it’s a perfect way to spend afternoons after a busy day or swim at night before going to bed.


If you’ve attached an outdoor space to your home, turn it into a backyard oasis this year. This will be your place to feed your soul and spirit, whether you share it with loved ones or use it on your own. Sometimes we just need a place away from the world, and the back yard is an ideal place to create your sanctuary and enjoy some quiet.