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6 Organize Bugs That Can Make Your House Look Messy

Have you ever wondered why you always clean your house so thoroughly and it still looks messy? Well, that happens because cleaning and organizing are two different things. I know how bad it feels to have invested a lot of time making your home look good and then getting no results. At some point you visit your friend’s house and find the place so neat and tidy.

This is especially heartbreaking when you remember how much time you spend cleaning your home. But do you ever take the time to wonder where you could be wrong? Below are some of the reasons that can make your home look messy. But don’t worry, there are just a few simple mistakes to collect and forget about the messy looking house. Visit in addition Simplymaid homepage to learn more about modern and effective tips.

Too many toys

photo-1473662711507-13345f9d447c 6 Organize bugs that can make your home look messy

This is for families with children. You will find that there are toys in almost every room. This will make your house look like a toy manufacturer. You should pick a point or two in the house where these toys will be placed. At this point, the toys should be arranged so that they do not interfere with cleaning. I am sure if you do this your home will look more presentable and organized.

Too many family photos

I know you love your family, but having family photos all over the wall doesn’t make your home any better. Family photos aren’t a house decoration, just have two or three if you have to. These framed photos only collect dust around the house.

Some are the size of cobwebs because you no longer remember that they exist. You might love this framed picture that you can’t stand having it out of your house. If this is the case, please contact a designer who will turn small pictures into a gallery wall for you.

Loaded refrigerator

Nothing makes your kitchen messier than a loaded refrigerator. Most of the time, especially for women, when you come to the house, the first place you drop something is on your fridge. You will find a refrigerator on the top of which you will find report forms, newsletters, wedding invitation cards, bank receipts and other papers that you put there.

The worst case is that no one will see the message on these papers, not even you who kept them. Instead, put this document in the appropriate places. Once you’ve finished cleaning and arranging everything where it should be, your house will no longer look messy.

Keep your kitchen counter clear too

After cleaning it will attempt to remove everything from your kitchen counter. It is advisable to leave what you use most often on the counter. If you frequently use something more frequently, it is better to keep it close than to mess up the closet that is looking for it.

Messy kitchen shelves

No matter how much you’ve cleaned, once your kitchen shelves are disorganized the whole place will look messy. Imagine the utensils are clean, but then a mug is placed where the spoons should be. This makes your house messier than before.

Too many storage spaces in the house

Having too many trash cans in a house does not indicate an arrangement in a house. The fact that there are many stays on the corner, collecting dust waiting to be moved to a new house, if at all. To keep your house tidy, you only have one or two in the house, strategically positioned.