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Clever Garden Trellis Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

A trellis can really transform your garden. A simple and inexpensive addition, it really packs a punch by adding height, privacy and extra space for off-ground gardening. Most trellises have a trellis design, but some are more minimalist. You can either adapt yours to an existing structure or opt for a freestanding design (perfect for rented spaces).

Whether you want to incorporate a DIY trellis into the borders of your garden or use it to complement your vegetable garden, we’ve got plenty of great looking ideas in this gallery.

Trellis looks beautiful against a garden wall or stands alone. You can build or buy a structure yourself with ease, and without spending a lot of money, it’s just a great way to get more out of your planting plan, whether you have a ton of backyard space to work with or a tiny balcony.