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Garden Fence Ideas for Simple to Sophisticated Tastes

People often build fences to provide privacy from neighbors or protection from intruders. Many of the garden fence ideas pictured here may be too low or too penetrating to disturb views or grazers. But they can mark the edges of flower beds or borders, creating a connecting element between them.

Some can also help hold mulch in place and keep your plants out of the mower’s path. Above all, garden fencing can enhance the appearance and flow of a landscape. Make sure the style and materials of your fence complement your home and yard so they don’t end up looking out of place rather than unifying.

Fence materials vary, and most wicker fences like this one (available on Etsy) are made from curved willow. This rustic look is very well suited to informal cottage garden beds or borders where plants such as hollyhocks, foxgloves, peonies, bluebells and sweet williams tumble onto each other. The flowers can also trip over the wickerwork, which prevents them from falling onto the path or lawn. While such abundance would be out of place in sleek modern homes, it pairs well with more traditional styles.