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Goodbye beige, hello personality

There’s a buzz in the inner circles right now. Beige, gray and white not only lose their influence on the interior, but also the maximalism. Bright, bold and opulent interiors are all the rage. Interior designers cheer for joy, say beige to beige and welcome characteristic furnishing options with open arms.

Dare I say there seems to be only one downside to the Brexit debacle. The real estate market has slowed due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Homeowners stay (for now) and Throw out gray, beige and minimalism with the bath water.

Fortunately, it’s time to welcome the personality back home.

bye-beige-1 Bye, bye beige, hello personality

source:: Pfeiffer design

Colors, patterns and textures

Boom. Now is the time to go wild with color, pattern, and texture around the house. Visually exciting interiors are now THE thing.

As more homeowners choose to renovate while moving, the preference for neutral interiors that appeal to the masses no longer affects the way people decorate their homes.

Upholstered furniture in beautiful, light-colored Liberty bedding is bought in swaths to bring the oxygen back into the house (so to speak). Bold statement wallpaper is also trendy at the moment. The brighter, bolder and more eccentric the better.

bye-beige-2 Bye, bye beige, hello personality

source:: Farrow and Ball

Vintage goes one step higher

Many valuable heirlooms and meaningful interior items were hidden in the age of beige. Too embarrassing and fussy for the minimalist, gray home (grief is a mix of gray and beige, if you didn’t already know which kind made me yawn, right?).

Back to the vintage. Hallelujah, vintage and antique heirlooms and knickknacks are being rediscovered and pulled out of their dusty hiding places to be the center of attention again. Vintage furniture has been trendy for some time, but it is more reserved and traditional Ercol Kind of way.

By the way, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your Ercol furniture (that would be sacrilege). But it does mean that old upholstery can be replaced with new, more interesting fabrics, or decorated with a chic pillow or three! Now is the time to rediscover and restore your vintage upholstery.

Invest in some, of course Vintage furniture is also an option.

It is important that you have the courage to believe in yourself when it comes to filling your home with old treasures. And don’t worry if nothing fits – it’s a good thing in the maximalist scene!

Plants, plants and more plants

The trend to bring the outside inside continues. Lush green in the apartment is a natural winner for the new free-spirited interior. Choose from retro-style cheese and rubber plants, structured succulents, colorful orchids, tropical ferns and floor-to-ceiling palm trees. Plants not only give every interior a peculiar interest, they are good for your health also!

bye-beige-3 Bye, bye beige, hello personality

source:: Home designing

Organized chaos is trendy

As you already know, maximalism is the biggest and boldest indoor trend lately. Do not think that without care you can devote yourself to interior decoration.

Mismatches are a good thing, but they require a careful eye. You can’t just throw things together and hope for the best! You can actually mess up the maximalism you know! Really!

The idea of ​​maximalism is to be chaotic with an element of control. Maximalism can be neat and practical to a degree. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, but believe me when I say that it is definitely an art to make a maximalist interior look stunning without looking cluttered and chaotic.

While there is no wrong way to create a maximalist living space, there are some basic rules. These are:

  • Embrace color (many)
  • You can’t have too many books (it’s time for bespoke bookshelves)
  • Personalize (vintage pieces and family heirlooms are great)
  • Add a lot of interesting art
  • Decorate with your favorite colors and fabrics
  • Have fun – immerse yourself in everything you love

To tell a story

New trends in interior design are imminent give the domestic personality. It’s time! Aren’t you pleased? Do you really want your home to look just like everyone else’s? I guess not.

Most people want their rooms to have soul and tell a story. Antiques, family heirlooms, portraits, and other personal accessories are the way to go. Your home should be a place where you can relax and be yourself (show houses are so gone).

Most of all, you want your interiors to cocoon you and make you smile. Your home is your largest blank canvas for self-expression. Embrace it, get playful and enjoy it.

bye-beige-4 Bye, bye beige, hello personality

source:: Cewe Photoworld

Are you ready to embrace the brave new world of interiors? Try it. Becoming maximalist is surprisingly liberating! Say goodbye to beige and embrace personality.