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The modern living room furniture that defines 2019

As the center of the home, it’s important to breathe new life into your living room from time to time. After all, you will spend a large part of your days and evenings here as a family. So if you love the decor and furniture, your gatherings will be even more pleasant.

For those times when you feel like a change but don’t want a complete overhaul, simply updating a few pieces of furniture could bring your home into 2019 without the time-consuming, stressful process of a complete redesign.

To inspire you a little, here are some ideas for modern living room furniture that will give your home a new, contemporary touch.

Make art a central feature

People may have decorated their homes with art for centuries, but lately we’ve been designing an entire room around a single work of art and directing our gaze directly to the work of art. Greg Natale, a leading Australian interior designer, recommends using it Art of making a statement. At his Sydney home, he selected an eye-catching work of art in bold colors, with a neutral color palette in the rest of the room to make sure the piece is the center of attention.

Pick a large piece of art that you love or create an entire gallery wall to showcase multiple frames and pictures. This gives you a unique feature wall that you can swap and change as you wish.

Overlay your lighting

It is no longer enough to have a single light source in your living room that can appear harsh and inflexible. The layered lighting allows you to control the mood and environment in your living room with a range of angles and dimming options.

The three main layers you want to get right are ambient lighting (the main light source), work lighting (e.g. a desk lamp that can be adjusted for reading) and accent lighting (for presentation only, e.g. to illuminate a piece) Art). You can buy and install most types of lighting yourself, which are available in furniture stores.

Make technology beautiful

There is no doubt that the TV and sound system in your living room is something you and your family could not live without, but is it more of an eyesore than a stylish feature these days? With a few simple furniture purchases, you can turn the appliances in your room into a more aesthetically pleasing part of the decor.

Modern Entertainment devices take care of it for yourself. Available in sleek designs and modern colors these days, this is your key to organizing your electronics and hiding anything you don’t want to see like cables and remotes. Both beautiful and functional, you will be surprised at how diverse the entertainment devices available today are to take the modern home to the next level.

Furniture that cares

Interest in understanding the origin of furniture has increased. According to Laura Bebbington, interior designer for the Coco Republic, more customers are demanding Natural fibers and sustainable materials. She said that in 2019, furniture is becoming increasingly minimal, focusing on high quality fabrics that showcase the superior craftsmanship.