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New bedroom trends: the papasan chairs

What does your dream bedroom look like? If you haven’t imagined yours right now, there is still a lot to do, and the information presented here will guide you through this process.

The bedroom is the place where we spend a significant part of life, more precisely, a healthy sleep takes up about a third of our life. Therefore, the interior of this room should correspond to the taste of the apartment owner and also contribute to rest, relaxation and tranquility.

Recently, the ever popular armchairs that have been installed in the bedroom interior to increase comfort have been trending again. The Papasan chair can be seen as one of those classic timeless pieces of furniture that can satisfy different tastes.

What are papasan chairs?

This unique, large rattan chair is named after the founder of the company in which it was founded – Papasan. It was invented in the 1950s and the peak of popularity in the United States for this piece of furniture made from natural materials fell in the 1970s.

If you have been lucky enough to sit in a beautiful papasan armchair at least once, you will definitely buy it for your home as soon as possible. Thanks to the unique structure of the chair and the very comfortable and original design, you can completely relax, rest and even work.

It can be placed anywhere – in the lobby, in the living room, in the bedroom, on the balcony or on the veranda. It can be brought to the desired location with little effort and looks harmonious in any environment. The only inconvenience is a large size, but this is the main distinguishing feature of papasan.

Due to the large selection and the availability of various options for the modern multifunctional papasan chair on the market, it is perfect for any interior. The variety of colors of the chair cushions and their unusual design allow you to decorate the interior according to your style.

The rattan is a vine-like climbing palm from Southeast Asian countries that adapts well to extreme temperatures, is moisture-resistant and does not fade under sunlight. In appearance it is just a big round chair, but structurally it has a base with a spring mechanism. Spring offers a swing that is incredibly comfortable. In addition, you can install the chair at will. The mounting bracket depends on your individual wishes. The soft standard pillow has a diameter of 115 cm.

Types of papasan chair

The standard Papasan chair is a basic model with a vertical frame and a fabric-covered base for upholstery. Due to the slightly inclined position of the vertical frame, you can further adjust the chair to your relaxing posture. In addition, the shape of the spherical chair shell gives everyone who rolls up in the chair a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation.

While some of you may think papasan chairs are simple in design, they are actually presented in two different options.

Ready? Let’s dive in

1. The Mamasan chair

The above standard papasan chairs have a limited load capacity that is only suitable for one person who can sit comfortably and enjoy the rest. What to do if you want to share your space with your loved one or hug your children and tell them interesting stories?

The Mamasan chair, also called “Double Papasan Chair”, is there for you! It extends the shape of the round shell of the standard papasan chair and transforms it into an oval, deep seat that is wide and spacious enough for two people. The vertical frame is designed in the same way as that of the Papasan chair, but combined with a longer cushion, which means that you can also use the Mamasan chair as a couch.

2nd The Papasan Swivel Rocker

Can you imagine the combination of a comfortable papasan chair and a rhythmic rocking chair? The Papasan Swivel Rocker is what you should have thought of.

Compared to the perfectly round shape of the standard Papasan, the Swivel Rocker has the same frame and the same cushioning, but is positioned vertically. The swivel element attached to the base of the chair allows you to swing gently back and forth when sitting on the chair. In addition, the swing produces endorphins in the brain, which in turn helps to improve mood and reduce stress and pain.

The pillow is made of velvety textile and is filled with cotton fluff that looks like a futon-soft and plump mattress from Japan. In some models, the pillows are made of faux fur or fleece. It is worth noting that you can easily sew it yourself and experiment with the upholstery as they have a simple design.

The standard Papasan chair model also includes mini versions that have been specially developed for children and pets. If you have both types of papasan and mamasan chairs, you can combine them with style-like pillows and combine them with your couch. If you want an even more trendy interior, you can buy coffee tables and bedside tables made of papasan rattan.

Choosing bedroom furniture can be viewed as a difficult and responsible task because the coziness and beauty of your home depends on it. There are many trends and options on the market, and papasan chairs are certainly one of the best options. If you agree and are impressed with all of the unique features of these chairs, you can find more information on papasan chairs Here.