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Top tips to give your home the WOW factor

Many people follow the same trends when decorating their home. Creams, grays, and neutrals are great, but can get a little boring and the same at times. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the question is, should your home really look like everyone else’s? Try something different and add something unique to you that will delight your friends and family alike when they come to visit.

Add a pop of color

It might sound like saying the obvious but adding a pop colour it can transform into an otherwise mildly palletized room. There are some colors that people naturally avoid. Because of their vibrancy, it is often believed that they don’t work well when decorating. However, this does not have to be the case.

Granted, four fuschia walls might take it a bit, but just a touch of liveliness in the room really enlivens it. Pick a color that is bold, bright, and eye-catching, and don’t follow the crowd, just stand out! If you’re really struggling to decide which color to choose, just pick your favorite and use that one. A light wall or a statement piece of pop art furniture is the perfect way to give a room the wow factor.

If you’re struggling with color, opt for patterns instead. Flowers, geometries and mismatched patterns are great for that.

Choose a focus for the room

One focus per room is key to giving it the wow factor. This also gives you a good deal of freedom because you can choose exactly what you want to focus on.

It could be a fireplace, a piece of furniture, or a large piece of art. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s noticeable enough to get noticed right away – just remember, it’s supposed to be the focal point. Also pay attention to where you place it. The focal point – or the centerpiece – should be just that. The Centerpiece a table is the main attraction, and so should it be in a room.

Quality over quantity, always

It is rare that you get a unique and extravagant item at great prices. While not impossible, charity shops can be an Aladdin cave of hidden designer gems, it’s unlikely and absolutely not guaranteed.

However, quality does not always have to be more expensive. Antique and vintage stores are the perfect place to find potential bargains on high quality unique items.

mirror Mirror on the wall

Make sure your home is the most beautiful of them all! Adding a large statement mirror to a wall that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to double the hosting space can help reflect the light and brighten the room.

However, if large mirrors aren’t your thing, consider several smaller mirrors – and make sure they don’t match. If you put several slightly mismatched small mirrors in a collage style on the wall, you not only get all the advantages that a larger mirror would offer, but also the impression of an almost artistic gallery wall. Quirky and practical.

Make sure your light is right

The lighting shouldn’t just be functional. Yes, it has a purpose too, but it should be chosen as carefully as a work of art or furniture. Larger scale statistical ceiling lights are very artistic, but you should also keep in mind that lamps provide light at eye level and create an ambience when it is dark.

If your house is well lit, it will look more attractive all round. This is especially handy when you are trying to sell your home online on websites such as ready Constant sale. The photos are your main selling point and when the light is right they come out much better.

Think of different textures

When decorating, remember to recognize other senses than sight. It’s incredibly inviting and real and almost 3D to use a culmination of different textures around the house. Think of smooth metals, soft velvets, rough baskets and of course fluffy pillows for extra comfort. Mismatched textures have something that makes the home appear cozy and almost nest-like and gives it the wow factor.

Update your technology

Finally, consider turning your home into a smart home or updating the technical elements around the house in general. This can range from something as small as a new TV or sound system to remote lighting and security. Whatever you choose, the technology is undoubtedly impressive.