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Tips for decorating a wine cellar

For serious wine lovers, a trip to the wine cellar feels like a trip to another world. A freshly minted bottle of premium wine matures perfectly in the wine cellar. It is a place where this special craft wine is waiting for the perfect dinner party.

It is also a place of interest for serious investments. Didn’t you think of wine as an investment? You should. Some wine lovers collect wine the same way coin collectors do gold. And some vintage wines are worth as much as gold.

These are just some of the reasons people love wine cellars. It is also the reason why wine collectors like to decorate them with the same care as in the formal dining room.

Maybe you are one of them. If so, then uncork a bottle of your favorite vintage and have a good read. Here are our seven tips on how to decorate your wine cellar in style.

  1. Lounge area

A wine cellar can be useful, which means that you only keep your wine there. In this type of wine cellar, you’re probably planning a separate place filled with fluffy pillows and playing gentle jazz in the background.

However, if your wine cellar is large enough, this lounge area can be part of the cellar. Decorate this area with some overcrowded chairs with end tables. Expand the topic by placing some Cork coasters on the table.

  1. Wine artwork

While your wine racks take up a lot of wall space, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for pieces that complement the theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Vintage travel posters with wine and food
  • Artistic photos of wine bottles, glasses, etc.
  • Paintings of wineries
  • Plaster reliefs of grapes and vine leaves or of Bacchus, the god of wine
  • Etc.
  1. A sideboard

A sideboard is a great place to store food and drinks when you meet in your wine cellar. You can also display some of your fancier wines here.

Protect this piece by placing a table runner with a wine motif over it or by creating a table protector from used wine corks. Simply collect the wine corks and use a hot glue gun to glue them onto the frame of your choice.

  1. Wine barrel table

A wine barrel at the end becomes a cool table in your wine cellar. The rugged woods and the steel rings give your wine cellar a rustic yet classic element. If you need a larger table, consider adding a tabletop to the barrel.

  1. Wine rack chandelier

This feature is one of the coolest Wine You will find cellar accessories. It’s both a wine rack and a chandelier. There are different versions of this piece. Some just hold your favorite wine glasses. Others can hold both the wine glasses and your favorite bottles of wine.

Create a centerpiece out of it by hanging it over the table you put in the basement or over the lounge area. The glasses and bottle reflect the soft light of the cellar and give it a relaxed ambience that fits the theme of the room without overwhelming it.

  1. Brick accents

Wine cellars in Europe typically have brick walls and floors, partly because of their durability, partly because of the ability of the brick to keep temperatures cooler. If you want to add an Old World element to your wine cellar decor, consider adding brick or some other type of stone to the floors and walls.

Another thing to think about when designing your brick is your stone niche areas. Digging deep holes in the stone of the walls of your wine cellar is a great way to store wine bottles. The advantage of these rooms is that they are already isolated.

  1. Use whatever space you already have

A wine cellar doesn’t have to be a whole room. It can be a stolen room that you have remade. Popular places for such wine cellars are the space under a staircase or a recessed corner next to a built-in bookcase.

last words

Most wine lovers cannot imagine a home without a wine cellar. These special corners keep collector’s wines at the right temperature and in the right climate.

The wine cellar can also be a place where you can meet up with friends to enjoy each other’s company and your excellent wines. As such, it is a place that deserves to be decorated on a grand scale. These seven ideas are just the beginning. Your decorative style will surely evolve like your wine cellar.