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Garden Fountain Design Ideas to Add Splash to Any Landscape

There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than the sound of bubbling water in your backyard or garden. Fountains are one of the best ways to add a calming and calming effect to your favorite backyard lounge area. Unfortunately, commercial or store-bought fountains can be expensive and difficult to install. A practical and cost-effective solution to this problem is DIY garden fountains. Popular on social media and online design forums, there are dozens of unique and creative fountains. To narrow down the list, we’ve put together a selection of our absolute favorite water fountain ideas.

Gardens are wonderful places to spend time, but sometimes you just want to give them that little extra something. Maybe you enjoy dipping your toes in cool water or you enjoy the babbling of a stream. In any case, adding a garden fountain to your garden is an excellent way to expand your sensory experience.

There are so many types of fountains for you to choose from. Taking a look at some examples of the types on offer should help you determine which fountain is best suited to your garden. Whether you want to add some height with a tiered pedestal fountain or keep it minimalistic with a simple bubble fountain, we have plenty of examples to inspire you.

The sound of running water can transform any outdoor space into your own private paradise. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out this collection of water features, with ideas for every space and budget, with or without outdoor installation. Whether you’re looking for DIY water feature ideas or prefer to leave it to the professionals, these trickling, gurgling fountains and ponds will add a touch of soothing tranquility to any garden.

A water feature can transform a front yard like this from a place you can quickly pass by into an oasis that invites you to linger. The lush landscaping disguises the fact that this pond is little more than a concrete box dug into the ground.

Experience over the water
Don’t just look at your water feature, take full advantage of it by building an overhanging deck that you can float over. Being on the water maximizes the cooling effect of the feature and gives the real feeling of having escaped to another world.