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How to choose a standing desk

Back health is a top priority for office workers because its importance should not be underestimated. There are numerous back disorders that are related to poor organization and working conditions in the workplace and a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for over 8 hours a day, especially without a break, can severely affect a person’s health.

The most common back problems associated with office work include spinal curvature due to table height mismatch with a person’s growth, constant compression of internal organs, and much worse. However, the Progressive Automation special website Progressive desk offers a very effective solution to this annoying problem – and the solution is the standing desk technology. However, on closer inspection, we have to do without this option: flat feet and varicose veins – these are just a few of the complaints that await us here.

How a standing desk makes it possible to switch between poses

The most sensible argument to support the idea of ​​using standing desk technology is the possibility to switch between sitting and standing position during the working day. The adjustment process may seem complicated. However, once customers know the convenience of this approach, they will never want to go back to the previous normal tables.

And this is where the special adjustable motorized furniture is used, with which customers can change the height of the table top and adapt the workplace to the height of each individual person. It doesn’t matter whether he is sitting or standing at work, the standing desk can be used for all purposes.

As soon as a person is tired of sitting, he presses the remote control button and raises the table top to the height, which makes it possible to use the office table while standing. Conversely, after a long period of standing, an employee can change the table height with the same single push of a button and sit on the office chair.

Share technological experience

For advanced European countries, Canada and the United States, such convertible office desks have become the key approach to solving one of the most irritating problems of the 21st century, where the vast majority of all important work is done from the office, and more specifically, by staff Computer. As the world’s leading automation provider, Progressive Automations strives to only provide its customers with flawless technologies that can improve the general quality of everyday life.

For example, normal office workers who have to spend several hours in their chairs were very relieved when they tried all the advantages of the standing desk. As a global manufacturer, the company wants to share its experience in workplace optimization and offer customers around the world more than just adjustable furniture. The company wants to share the idea of ​​using time and resources effectively to support the idea that office workers can only maintain a vital and healthy lifestyle if they take care of their physical activity and optimal organization of the work area.

The Progressive Desk standing desks are height-adjustable to suit the size of a seated person. This means that this linear actuator based technology is universal and suitable for anyone who opts for a healthy lifestyle. In the United States, around 90 percent of global IT companies equip similar furniture, and even Canadians decided that office work approaches should be reviewed to increase the effectiveness and convenience of office workflow.

In addition, such measures aim to make employees healthier while strengthening the improvement of their employees’ lives through companies that always remain the most powerful resource to be taken care of. If you have made a serious decision to work with standing desks during your working days, contact the company and choose your own design for your pleasure.