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Can your floor be sanded and polished?

Who doesn’t like a house with a glossy and bright surface? Nothing can replace the beautiful appearance of a well polished floor. A finely polished floor can change the aura of the house considerably positively and definitely make it more presentable. However, do you have a thorough knowledge of what’s under your feet and whether it can be polished and turned into a brand new smoother surface? While the good news is that most floors can be sanded and polished, it is imperative to know the type of floor you are using first.

You will find that most homes that are at least two decades old have concrete slabs or floorboards. Most people get their floors covered with carpet, tiles, linoleum, or other materials, and there’s a possibility that your floor is likely to have an extra layer under the first layer of your floor. People who are not aware of the type of floor can hire a professional to do the job or pull a corner to peek under the cover and advance the repair process.

Wood from wood

As the name suggests, wood-based materials are created by binding various materials such as veneer, strands, particles and fibers with the help of adhesive to form composite materials. Technical boards have laminated layers that are identical to the solid wood when viewed from above. This type of flooring consists mainly of a fragile top layer of veneer that can wear out very easily. Most wooden floors cannot be sanded as they are always at high risk of being easily damaged.

Floating floors

Floating floors can be thought of as flexible floor coverings as they can even be installed on a concrete slab. However, some floating boards have laminated paper on the surface that cannot be sanded or polished.

On the other hand, better quality floating floors have a good quality wood veneer surface that also requires a professional hand to sand and polish. In layman’s terms, wood is a thin layer of veneer and it is extremely important to sand the floor, otherwise you may replace it and also spend twice.

Wooden floors

photo-1534222141316-c032937a56e6 Can your floor be sanded and polished?

This type of flooring can be considered an ideal solution for sanding and polishing. There are two main types of hardwood floors that can be divided according to their properties. The first is softwood, which is harvested from araucarias, cedars, pines, etc. The second type is hardwood, which is obtained from species such as eucalyptus, karra, marra, etc., and is considered a perfect choice for flooring because of its robust and long-lasting properties.

While it is possible to sand and polish hardwood floors yourself, a simple mistake can make your floors look worse than they did before. Better to seek help from a professional than to experiment on the floor of your own home. You can easily find it Floor sanding professionals in Melbourne and nearby areas who have mastered the art of turning old floors into new and shiny floors.

One of the best-selling deals on wooden floors is that you can change the color of your valuable hardwood floor using a process called staining. Hardwood floors have sustainable and long-lasting properties, and seeing the same colors every day for years can be pretty boring. Opt for Discoloration of wood floors Process can change the whole look of your home and make you love your home again.

Besides the above categories, people also like to use natural stone and concrete. These two are one of the few elegant options, and yes, these can be sanded and polished too. However, it is unrelenting that you seek professional help, as a wrong step can cause a dent or even break the stone. You cannot imagine how your home will be remodeled after the floor is sanded and buffed, and it can be considered one of the most important factors in any home renovation.