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Beach Houses or The Vacation House

A beach house is a house close to the beach, often termed as a second home or vacation homes for tourists who wants to lighten up their weekends or during leisure time. Designing Beach Houses requires lots of expertise to take into account that weather the type of climate they are built in and the building materials used in construction is sufficient or not. Apart from that Beach houses need special kind of paint to protect them from the saline water. Moreover, since its build up on sand, it needs a foundation with particular requirements.Beach Houses  38

Beach houses are generally related to beach gardens with a particular type of plantations. Beach Houses are built to have a leisure time with family or people who rents a beach house on their vacation intends to relax and have a relaxing time with their loved ones. The added advantage of this kind of houses are all the amenities are present at finger-tips, the same way they have in their own houses.Beach Houses  80

Popular places for beach houses in the World includes the Caribbean Islands like Bahamas and Barbados. Famous Destination in Europe such as Greece, Cyprus, and Corsica among others. In Asia Maldives and Bali remains the most preferred choice. In Australia there are a lot of island nations and Fiji and Cook Islands are preferred most. In Africa Mauritius and Seychelles remains as the top notch tourist destinations if you’re on a hunt for a famous beach house.Beach Houses  32

There are few types in which Beach Houses are divided:

  • Stilt – These are basically built over the surface of water or soil, in order to prevent flooding. Other uses of this type of housing include fishing, Harness solar power in the Coastal areas and also for water storage for irrigation purposes
  • Pier Beach Houses – These are the type of hotels which are basically near the sea coast. The amenities available at this kind of hotels are Kitchen, Bedrooms, Private Beaches, Security for an individual’s comfort. People basically prefer being in this kind of hotels because they get all the added advantages of having a private time near to the beaches to spend their vacations.

“If you come home as happy as you leave, you had a good vacation” – Have a leisure time at Beach Houses.