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Stunning house exterior designs for you

house exterior designs  51

It is important to make the interiors look good however; the exterior also counts as well. Everyone dreams of a spectacular home which stands out. The exterior of a home plays a very important role in making guests are in awe. Thus planning the exterior design of a home is …

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House ideas to make your own HOME!

House ideas  17

It has been always our dream to design our own house. However small or big it might be, it gives immense pleasure to design our houses and make it special to live in with our loved ones. It is necessary to consult expert advice before designing the structure and interiors …

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Beach Houses or The Vacation House

Beach Houses  29

A beach house is a house close to the beach, often termed as a second home or vacation homes for tourists who wants to lighten up their weekends or during leisure time. Designing Beach Houses requires lots of expertise to take into account that weather the type of climate they are built in and the building …

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Provide a new look by Exterior house design

Exterior house design  86

You can make your house a very beautiful place. There are many opinions for decorating your house with designs. You can make your house more attractive and unique. Exterior housing designs are available for you to your house a better sight to watch. You have the various accessories on exterior …

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Age of Metal Homes is here

Metal Homes  28

Metal homes are growing its popularity as compared to modular homes and housing developments. It is a good option for homebuyers due to the benefits like cost savings, durability and ability to customize designed steel houses without hiring an expensive architect. Metal homes are becoming a good option for young …

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Latest house designs for the modern you

Latest house designs  54

House designs are usually chosen and adopted as per the personal taste and it is very important to match the requirements of all members of the family. Modern latest house designs are very special and it highly depends upon the location of the house. As nature will also have a …

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How to choose best exterior home color

exterior home color  52

Home is the place where you spend most of the time and it is also the most special place for everyone. Everyone wants that his home looks most special. The good color can be really effective in this. The exterior home colors are very important for any building. It is …

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Make trendy and luxurious pool houses to swim

pool houses  41

Every person desires to make his home luxuries and beautiful. Every little thing creates the biggest impact in our house. Now make your home trendy and incredible with pool. Private and gorgeous pool houses enhance the beauty of the home. In the sunny day, you can swim in the pool …

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Modern home designs to make a Perfect Home!

Modern home designs  31

Modern house designs in terms of both exterior design and architecture are very much stylish and make the modern homes more classy and elegant. Modern home designs leave you spellbound and inspire to give you a sensational makeover. The renovation and revamping houses to modern design can be overwhelming at …

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