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What is hygge?  (And how does it affect the inside of your house?)

If you’ve been following some of the latest household trends over the past several years, you must have probably come across the term hygge. This Danish concept may be difficult to pronounce at first, but you can easily get away with a “hoo-ga”.

For those of you who are still trying to figure out the meaning of this term in singular terms, it is time to stop and look at the bigger picture. It unites the general feeling of comfort that results from various aspects of the house.

From the well-made bed with a fleece blanket, a well-decorated mug of hot coffee, to the sparks of blazing fire in your living room, hygge defines all of that. And when you think about it, it is obvious that most people do it one or more times in their lives have experienced without knowing it!

How does Hygge affect the inside of your home?

lagom-instead-hygge-pinterest-home-trend What is hygge?  (And how does it affect the interior of your home?)

There are several ways how to customize the Hygge concept can change the general appearance of your home. However, you should remember that the whole concept revolves around creating a welcoming, relaxing and warm environment in your home.

And if you’re wondering whether your small space is still ideal for this concept, you’ll be happy to learn that Hygge doesn’t differentiate between large and small spaces. It believes that what you want to feel comes from the mind. So when you are ready to take on comfort and relaxation, you can enjoy your space regardless of its size. The smaller the space, the better it gets with hygge.

Would you like to learn some of the basic effects of hygge on your space? Let’s look at some of them

Instant hygge with candles

Yes, you may have used candles as a light source in your home from time to time. But you are absolutely mistaken if you think that this is the only role they can play. In fact, candles are one of the easiest ways to add hygge to your beautiful space.

You only need to invest in different colors, sizes and scents to achieve your desired mood. Make sure they are neatly arranged for consistency. It could be your dining table, bathtub, or even a dressing table. Who doesn’t love the sight of a well-organized space? You can also get some great candles and hygge lighting ideas https://www.kre8wa.com.au/create-hygge-at-home/

Hygge in your favorite moment ad

There always has to be something that brings you together as a family. And one of them is creating a happy environment for everyone.

Let your room tell the guests about you as a family. Proudly display photos of some of your best moments together in your living room, hallway, or even on the stairs. There are so many ideas on the Internet that you can use to make this happen.

Find Hygge In Retro

It is often said that your past will always find its way into your present. It always lingers around. So why not capture some of your immediate nostalgic moments to inject hygge into your space?

Hygge_by_Connection_Image_2 What is Hygge?  (And how does it affect the interior of your home?)

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you randomly hang up everything from your past. Instead, use your creativity to pick out some classic pieces of furniture, old magazines / books, and snap some black and white photos of your most memorable vacation adventure of recent times.

A touch of hygge without furniture

If you thought that you needed a dozen contemporary pieces of furniture to create hygge in your home, then you are completely mistaken.

You can also achieve the warm, inviting feeling of a home together without a piece of furniture. The main focus, however, is to ensure that the space is clutter-free and minimalist. Place a few cozy pillows on the floor of your house and accompany them with decorated pillow pieces. Get hot cups of coffee now as you share your childhood stories.

Create your hygge with texture

hygge2 What is Hygge?  (And how does it affect the interior of your home?)

The fact that the hygge state begins in the head doesn’t mean you can’t use texture to achieve coziness. If anything, the mere sight of warm, soft, crocheted blankets, wool rugs, and furry rugs is inviting and warm.

Sometimes what you feel depends on what you see. And if luxury is your goal, your answer also lies in luxury textures. Yes, they may be expensive, but the effects are worth it.

Hygge in family and friends

Feeling good, happy and relaxed doesn’t always depend on material things. Instead, try every now and then to fill your home with your close circle of friends.

Having people who truly understand, love and sincerely share your joy is in itself hygge. Think of the echo of laughter, the real smile and the smell of your favorite dishes. Doesn’t it change your mood?

Embrace hygge in the outside feeling

Hygge What is Hygge?  (And how does it affect the inside of your house?)

You don’t have to be outdoors to take in the fresh green scenery. To be honest, green on its own is pretty comforting and calming. And since most hygge practices are more enjoyable in winter, it’s a great idea to prepare for them by installing one or two of your favorite plants indoors.

If you think about it, your room will feel fresher, so you forget about freezing outdoors for a while. It would also be wise to complete the look with a few additions to your favorite warm cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea / coffee around your blazing fireplace. It literally brings nature inside.

Hygge in your hobbies

Do you remember the knitting and crocheting lessons you learned from your grandma? It’s time to brush up on the skills you’ve already forgotten. Come home, turn off the TV and relive those moments in your hygge. You can also learn some smart skills that will help you calm down and enjoy your peaceful moments. Don’t forget your novel of all time when you curl up by the fireplace.


The whole concept of hygge shouldn’t be just extravagance, it should be forbearance. The effort you put into your Hygge moments should not aim to trigger impressions in your guests, but to make them welcome, comfortable and loved. The idea is to make it difficult for them to say goodbye. So in everything you do, make sure you keep a relaxed topic that you should also remember. The natural is better for everyone.