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Raised Bed Garden – A Soil Saviour Technique

Understanding about Raised Bed Garden, they can be depicted in simple language as Garden Boxes, where soil is compacted in a small area with usually wooden walls around to constitute a box. This rectangular box is this used to grow flowers and vegetables.Raised Bed Garden  60

Why are Raised Bed Gardens good for the soil?

  • One of the most important of this segregation into small plots is the immunity towards the risk of the soil being washed away during heavy rains. The sides of the bed keep the soil in one place and thus prevent erosion.
  • The walls act as a barricade to avoid the pests or slugs to infiltrate the soil and destroy the crop. The walls also keep weeds away from the garden soil.
  • Another studied advantage is the proper implementation of drainage. Raised Bed Gardens have known to offer good drainage system.Raised Bed Garden  28
  • Raised Bed Gardens are quite favourable to old gardeners who suffer from acute back ache, as the raised boxed help them attend the soil without hurting their back.
  • Also, the bottoms of the Garden Boxes are not closed and are in contact with the ground which allows the plants to seek nutrition from the earth.

There are different types of Raised Bed Gardens available in the Market currently, with various types of woods and sturdy designs which add up to the robustness of the structures.

Few of them are listed below:Raised Bed Garden  97

  • Elevated Garden Boxes: These are rectangular boxes which stand on 4 legs, and the soil is kept on the wooden base of the box. Some even are equipped with a self-watering tray to further aid plant growth.
  • Deep Root Cedar Raised Bed Garden: These are essentially used for plants with deep roots and thus have direct contact with the soil.
  • Modular Raised Beds: These are quite fancy with an oval shaped bed rather than the conventional rectangular one. They are usually used where space management is a concern.