Wednesday , 4 October 2023
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Loveseat recliner: the huge seat of love!

Coming  back home after a long day at work, all you think about is your cozy space and the daily cuppa full of goodness and sanity. The cozy space would generally include a warm loveseat recliner which almost seems like a fluffy giant’s embrace! This article is going to be all about those hugely comfortable pieces of heaven! Let us take a sneak peek back in time and trace exactly when it was that these heavenly creations came into existence.

The History: Recliners came into existence in the late 1920’s, when the concept of laziness had just poked its head up in the world. As the years progressed, the demand for these babies went on the rise and now, every home has a recliner as one of the most essential furniture pieces. Did you know that French leader Napoleon was one of the very first people to use the recliners?! Oh yes!

Coming back to the current scenario where one can find recliner loveseats almost in every house, what about where they can be placed?

The Living Room: ‘The best impression you make is the first impression’, sounds so true when it comes to your living room. When it comes to creating an impression, your living room plays a great role in implying one. This is why a loveseat recliner is the ideal furniture to be placed in the first space of your house. Placing a set of recliners by the fireplace or if there is enough space, by the window with a coffee table right in the front.

The Guest room: Crashing in on the couch with your favorite cup of coffee or tea or a bag of popcorn is what one would look forward to when the buddies come calling. Be it fretting over lost causes or the lovelorn stories about your better half, nothing brings out those emotions than sitting with your best buddy on that loveseat recliner. This takes us to the second best place to position that killer loveseat! The guest room. One by the window with a beautiful side table or a book shelf in the corner is what I would prefer! Looking out into the eternity with those endless amounts of amazing thoughts, nothing would beat having that little piece of peace (Pun unintended!).

So that’s pretty much about the places where your love seats would go. The living room, right in front of the TV, or fireplace, or the guest room, where you can sit all by yourself and your thoughts or hang out with your friends having all privacy in the world!