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Light, camera, action: give your bedroom the cinematic treatment

When it rains, you don’t feel like going to the cinema or going anywhere else. They’re pretty lucky to roll with a bedding tag instead and spend it nice and warm in bed and watch a boxing set or a movie on Netflix.

Well, a cinema in Spreitenbach, Switzerland, took up this and decided offer a new experience. The Cinema Pathé has abolished seating in its recently opened “VIP Bedroom” screen and replaced everything with 11 double beds. The cinema also sells slippers to make the experience even more comfortable.

The VIP tickets cost CHF 49 and include food and drinks. The cinema tries to seduce cinema-goers with new food options such as crêpes and waffles. Perhaps the best thing is that VIP guests don’t even have to queue for their food and drink.

You wish you had lived in Switzerland to go to a cinema like that, didn’t you? If not, you will think, at least they could do something where you are. However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Switzerland or even your local movie theater to do this. Why don’t you turn your bedroom into your own little cinema?

1 Light, camera, action: give your bedroom the cinematic treatment

Assemble and store equipment

A slim TV is easy to assemble. However, you should consult a professional installer who can advise you on the best cables, internet and power outlets. Electrical is a key component, and you should also think about the electrical circuits and whether rooms share electricity on the same circuit as your room.

When setting up your gear, think about your own nature as a DIY person. If you’re the type of person who loves tweaking and improving things, you probably won’t mind a few cables lying around – easy access is the payoff! Do you make your room more of a showpiece? You might prefer to put some shelves or other units in place to keep everything neat and in one place.

Seating or bedding?

The cinema described above is unique because of its comfort factor. You can of course have seats if you want. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why not make the room extremely comfortable and watch the movie? from a nice big bed instead? Follow the guided tour of the Spreitenbach cinema with a double bed, get comfortable pillows and sit back.

Make sure there is enough space between the bed and the screen. If possible, the bed should be 10 feet (120 inches) from the screen. You don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in the front row and looking up at the screen, and you don’t want to have to go past the screen.

2 lights, camera, action: give your bedroom the cinematic treatment

Set up surround sound

Let’s face it: you can’t have a home theater and surround sound. Place the speakers so that they distribute different layers of sound. A good setup is the 5: 1 setup. This means that there are five satellite speakers – three around or behind the screen and two in the back of the room. The ‘1’ is the subwoofer and reproduces low frequencies or the bass. This system is also a good system if you are on a budget. It is better to spend more on a good quality 5: 1 than less on a poor quality 6: 1 or 7: 1 sound system.

Soundproofing for your room

If you’re installing surround sound for a full movie experience, you’ll need to soundproof your room (unless you don’t mind annoying your neighbors, in this case not!). You can choose an inexpensive option, e.g. B. for acoustic wall tiles or the installation of sound absorbing material behind the wall, or for a more luxurious option to upholster the walls. The key to soundproofing a room is to use thick materials, including a thick carpet and curtains, instead of materials that help transmit or reflect the sound.


We’ve all seen it in cheesy films. The rich, stylish homeowner enters a room, claps his hands or shouts “lights” or the like and hey presto when the lights come on. It was pretty high-tech and luxurious at the time, but now it’s much more possible and accessible in our Internet age. You can do more or less the same thing using smart lighting. To do this, you need to set up Alexa or Google Home and control the lighting with your voice.

Turn your bedroom into a home theater and you can add a touch of class to your home. Make sure to test everything as you proceed. You do not want to launch your new system and find that the electrical system is not working or that you have not installed the display firmly enough. It would be a disaster for the opening! Take your time, consider the various aspects mentioned above and create a bedroom cinema that makes even Cinema Pathé, Spreitenbach, jealous!