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Wall Art Ideas: Turn Any Room into Design Heaven

Wall art is becoming an essential part of interior design for one simple reason: it’s not expensive or complicated, yet it gives each room a whole new, fresh approach. Wallpapers are trendy, but to indeed provide your living room or bedroom a sense of what it means to you, wall art is a way to go. You can get some fantastic and unique pieces on Piqtura, but before you start browsing, let’s see why you need to have a focal wall and how to achieve that pleasant aesthetic.

Accent walls and minimalistic lifestyle

Minimalism is very practical, and if you are a fan of Scandinavian design, you fully understand that less is more. It allows you to embrace a simple color scheme and avoid kitschy details, like golden frames and awkward ornaments. And since you know that minimalism is against the clutter, it’s also a better way to keep your place clean and neat. But how do you turn that kind of apartment or house into a loving home? Two things come to mind: plants and accent walls.

When it comes to plants, you know that they have healing powers, from air purifying to making a room seem calmer, more relaxed. Having your small greenery is what connects to your nature, and furthermore, it can make even the most modest room look more vivid and lively.

When it comes to walls, this is where things get very personal and amusing. Your furniture is a necessity, but your wall art is your personality. You have to ask yourself, what do you want to achieve? What is it that you want people to notice about your home that will ensure them it’s truly yours? Picking the right wall art is a great deal of fun. You need a theme or a color scheme. Maybe you want to express freedom and add some mesmerizing scenery, as you can see here. Or you want something more abstract, like marble canvas collection? There are so many possibilities, and all you need to do is pick, which requires a lot of scrolling, but once you see the composition, that’s “you,” you’ll know.

Wall art for the living room

Of course, your living room should be welcoming, and send good, positive vibes to people you invite to your place. You need light, and you can use mirrors, place them across the windows to get even more light. So, naturally, you won’t put your arty wall opposite to the window, but what kind of motif one might need?

According to Feng Shui and many prominent interior designers, you want warmer colors, scenes from nature, or something personal, like expressing your love for music or film art. It doesn’t have to be either, but you should keep in mind that the living room is not just a place for you. Keep that part in mind, but don’t worry, you can fully express yourself in a bedroom.

Canvas pieces in the bedroom

Bedrooms are supposed to be free of clutter. You need a bed, nightstand, and a closet. Everything else is not a necessity. So, the room leaves a lot to explore your artistic ambitions further. Pick a wall art that has a touch of passionate red, and some classy violet, if you’re looking for something with colors.

If you want to stay on the neutral territory, geometric patterns will look incredible above your headboard. You can choose something groovy or make something playful with Monopoly Cards. Really, there are no boundaries, and instead of pilling up on useless decorations, you should think of your walls as blank canvases.

For your work area, choose motivational pieces. Placing a simple wallpaper can look tacky. But, when it’s canvas, it makes the message even more powerful. The choice is yours, but our top pics are Get Things Done and Mindset Is Everything. These wall art pieces are a bit funny, yet the message is clear. They are calling you to be productive, so don’t hesitate.

Arty walls and bathrooms

Finally, the one room that never gets enough attention is ready for a makeover! It’s your bathroom, and there’s nothing as simple as placing some wall art to make the place more relaxing and cozier. After all, bathrooms should have that Spa-like feels to them, so feel free to get some plants that thrive in humidity and canvas pieces in green and blue tones. You deserve to feel like you left all your worries aside, and you are on a short break from reality.

Turning an old bathroom into a new, modern, and classy room means that you need to get rid of all the clutter. Then, when you have all that space, use it wisely. Invest in fresh towels, candles, plants, and one larger or several smaller wall art pieces that will turn it into your place of pleasure.

Wall art is self-expression, a way to stand out. It’s not significant investment money-wise, but it can make a huge difference. Check out, and see if there’s something that will grab your attention. Then, start visualizing if your chosen piece fits the room, and soon you’ll discover the artist within you.