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Tips for cleaning your home after a major renovation

Renovations are a great way to change the way you live without moving. They can also help you to modernize an old house with new functions or technologies. You can renovate anything from your living room to your kitchen to the garden! More and more people are interested in it in the renovation, and many will spend thousands to get the house or room they want.

While some homes will be renovating with their own interests in need, many others will renovate in the hope of adding value to their home. Whatever the reason for your renovation, it can be a stressful but exciting time. But even more difficult and stressful than the renovation work can often be the cleanup work for which you are subsequently responsible. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few different tips for cleaning your home after a major renovation.

Work with a professional junk removal company

While many people do their own cleanups after a major renovation, this can be a lot of work. You have to move heavy pieces of concrete, steel, brick, or plaster, load them into a vehicle, and make numerous trips to the dump. This can be incredibly time consuming and physically demanding. Not to mention that you may need help from friends or family.

Instead, consider working with a company that makes offers Garbage disposal services? These companies often have years of experience in this area and ensure that everything is removed safely and effectively. The prices are often quite cheap and the teams are incredibly professional and thorough. This relieves you of the stress of cleaning considerably and does it much faster.

Clean and wash all surfaces

While all of the large chunks of junk and rubble are gone from the home, the cleaning isn’t over yet. Sure, the majority of the big things are gone, but there’s a good chance a lot of dust, dirt, and other debris got into your home during the renovation. So wipe and clean all of the surfaces in your home. These include wiping walls and floors, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning equipment.

Don’t forget about the little things either. Things like blinds, lamps, baseboards, window sills and even electronics should be wiped clean or dust or other foreign objects. You need to take a deep dive into every room in your home and make sure everything is clean. Even if the renovation took place in one room, it is entirely possible that other rooms are also affected.

Don’t forget ventilation slots and filters

There is a good chance that a lot of dust will mix with the air in your home during a renovation. This applies to your entire home, even if your renovation only took place in one location. There is a good chance that your vents and filters. Hence, you need to make sure that you clean your air vents and replace air filters with fresh ones.

If not, you might be breathing dusty air, which is not very good for your health at all. How do you clean the ventilation covers? Well, it’s as simple as removing them, washing them with soap and water, and then letting them dry off. If you forget this step, your home will never get really clean after a renovation.

We hope this article has helped you effectively tidy up your home after a remodel or renovation. Once your renovation is complete, you can finally enjoy your new home.